Protection. Peace of mind. Profits.

Increase loyalty with order protection.

A lot can go wrong after a customer checks out. Give your customers peace of mind—and save your bottomline—with premium order protection, automated approvals and seamless claim resolution.


decrease in customer success costs


increase in net profit

24 Hour

average resolution time

Your customers want quality protection.

Best-in-class insurance

Flexible coverage

Self-service resolution

Conversion incentives

Order protection that provides an unmatched layer of security that protects you, your brand and your customers from lost, stolen and damaged packages.

Coverage options that work for you and your business. Offer full coverage, opt-in or opt-out package protection for your customers at checkout.

Make order resolution easy. Give your customers the power to resolve order issues on their own in seconds. No need to call your support team.

Establish customer trust, reduce abandoned carts and increase conversions by displaying package protection throughout the purchase journey.




Increase in net profits

CSAT from shoppers across plans

Reduction in CS costs

Track and resolve claims with ease.

Uncover gaps, highlight problem areas and make informed business decisions with rich insights coming straight from your customer base.

Powerful alone, better together.

Route’s connected suite of post-purchase products empowers brands to effortlessly up their customer experience. See what else we can do.

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