Take the GreenerRoute.

Carbon neutral shipping with Route offsets the CO2 emissions generated by your order.

Ecommerce will produce 25M tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030. Route makes it easy to support a project that neutralizes the carbon emissions produced by your orders.

Current project

Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reforestation

Route has impacted 194 acres, planted 67,742 trees, and offset 10,000 tonnes of carbon

Located in the Southeastern United States, this project will plant over 60,000 cottonwood and hardwood trees in an effort to offset 10,000 tonnes of CO2. It will help restore the habitat of hundreds of wildlife species while bringing myriad benefits to the region and beyond.

Offset your CO2

Protect your package. Protect the planet.

Route has impacted 194 acres, planted 67,742 trees, and offset 10,000 tonnes of carbon

Add Package Protection with Carbon Neutral Shipping at checkout. For each shipment, Route allocates carbon credits to fully neutralize your environmental impact.

How it works:

Carbon Credits

A carbon credit represents the removal or avoidance of one metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When you place an order with a merchant offering carbon neutral shipping through Route, we calculate and offset the emissions generated by each shipment from our certified forestry projects.

Our Partnership

Route has partnered with Patch to fund certified carbon offset projects. Patch is a carbon credit marketplace that sources shares of carbon offsetting projects around the world. This enables Route to neutralize shipping emissions for each order that is placed.

Learn about our partnership with Patch

Carbon Offset Projects Supported by Route

Every Purchase Matters

Through carbon neutral shipping, Route works with merchants to offset your shipment’s emissions. Take a look below to get to know some of our Green Merchant Partners.

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