Boyish Jeans X Route

Boyish discovers a perfect fit with Route’s post-purchase solutions

  • 75%

    reduction in order issue resolution time

  • 100%

    of qualifying order issues covered by Route

  • 100%

    customer satisfaction score


Since 2017, Boyish Jeans has created a sustainable women’s denim line focused on quality, fit, and authentic washes. Boyish will remind you of your favorite classic pair of jeans but with modern details and a laid-back California aesthetic that feels refreshingly new.

But Boyish Jeans isn’t just about beautiful, quality fashion, it’s a brand  also laser-focused on sustainability. “The fashion industry impacts the environment more than most people are aware of,” states Brandon Puda, Web & Tech Manager. “So, we want to do good for the earth. We also want customers to feel taken care of so they, in turn, can take care of the environment without turning to fast fashion.”

Shipping challenges and high customer expectations create a perfect storm.

With a small team on a big mission, Boyish was quickly overwhelmed by time-consuming shipping issues, high customer expectations, and a mound of package inquiries.

Working directly with carriers on lost, stolen, or damaged products took days of back-and-forth communication, piles of paperwork, tracking down lost packages, lengthy approvals, and extra backend financial and inventory legwork. Boyish’s effort and time were consumed by resolving these issues, in addition to dealing with the financial impact of losing inventory and fighting to meet high customer expectations.

“Customers in this day and age have high expectations for fast shipping and quick order issue resolution,” Brandon notes. “As a small company, we want to go the extra mile to ensure a good experience, even if it costs us a little extra time and money. But there were always lost or stolen packages, and it was costing too much time and effort to remedy things, on top of the cost of losing our products.”

“Before Route, there were a lot of shipping and delivery issues. Now, if a customer asks where their order is, Boyish will redirect them to Route tracking. Route helps customers our customers every step of the way, which means we get fewer issues from customers wondering when a package will arrive!”

Brandon Puda

Web & Tech Manager at Boyish

Route alleviates post-purchase stress so Boyish can focus on customer care and environmental impact.

“With the financial impact of losing inventory and products due to shipping and delivery issues, Boyish took one look at Route and said, ‘Why not!’” recalls Brandon. 

Route helped Boyish alleviate post-purchase stress for customers with all-in-one solutions in the Route app. Customers can now track packages and file issues on lost, stolen, or damaged items with the click of a button. Gone are the days of back-and-forth communication with carriers, endless mountains of paperwork, slow approvals, extra financial and inventory audits, and an overwhelmed team. “Route is a really beneficial tool that helps us minimize risk and reduce the workload for our customer service team,” notes Brandon. “Route helps us provide more comfort in the customer’s experience while keeping it simple and sustainable.”

Before Route

  • Boyish spent weeks to coordinate and resolve lost, stolen, or damaged order issues via the carrier
  • Carrier claims required an average of several days of back-and-forth communication and paperwork
  • Tracking replacement orders and refunds required hours of extra backend review of analytics, data, and financial records
  • Struggled to keep up with high customer expectations and order status inquiries

After Route

  • Customers work directly with Route instead of clogging Boyish support channels for quick resolution of lost, stolen, or damaged order issues
  • One-stop solution for order updates, package statuses, and issue resolution with an average of ~5 clicks
  • 100% of order replacements, refunds, and order status updates handled by Route
  • 100% customer satisfaction score

"Route helps with our mission every step of the way."

Boyish always strives to communicate clearly with customers to make sure they know they’ll be taken care of from the time they purchase a pair of jeans to when the new jeans reach their doorstep. Partnering with Route has helped Boyish achieve that lofty goal. Brandon’s own words:

“At Boyish Jeans, we want customers to be happy, to have an easy experience, and to do good for the earth while shopping. We believe in promoting sustainability while educating and supporting other brands that cultivate an environment of eco-conscious consumers. Route helps with our mission every step of the way.”

Now supported by seamless post-purchase technology, Boyish Jeans has taken its mission and customer experience to the next level, and it’s primed to grow sustainably for years to come.

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