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Pink Lily increases customers’ buying confidence with Route


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Customer satisfaction score


Decrease in time spent on customer inquiries

Group 1683

An online clothing retailer focused on bringing women trendy apparel, footwear, and accessories

Industry: Apparel & Fashion
Platform: Shopify
Employees: 200-500
Bowling Green, KY

Pink Lily X ROUTE


Based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, Pink Lily is an online fashion boutique that focuses on bringing empowerment and positivity to communities across the US. In 2014, Chris and Tori Gerbig grew Pink Lily from a small passion project to an established business focused on supporting women to feel confident in their fashion choices. In the last seven years, Pink Lily’s sales have skyrocketed, making the business one of the fastest-growing online retailers in America. 

Today, Pink Lily continues to be a flourishing family-owned and -operated boutique with a bright future.

Pink Lily X ROUTE

Small businesses are reliant on couriers to deliver on customer expectations

As the company rapidly grew in size, so did customer inquiries. Pink Lily started experiencing a record volume of “where is my order?” contacts that could take up to 30 minutes to investigate and resolve. The team saw an increase in unhappy customers as well since package delivery services were often failing to provide the same high-level customer experience that Pink Lily strived to provide.

“As an ecommerce business, there’s an extra level of trust and dependency on the shipping carrier to be able to successfully deliver orders from us to the customers. When you hand off that package, you want to be able to ensure that those deliveries will be completed with the same level of customer service that the customer received at purchase,” said Shannon Hassell, Director of Experience at Pink Lily.

As an increase in online ordering overwhelmed delivery services, Pink Lily started to experience an increase in missing or stolen packages. “Situations like these can turn a great customer experience into a headache,” Shannon stressed. 

Pink Lily X ROUTE

Fast expert claim assistance with shipping issues through Route helps save the customer experience

As customer inquiries grew, the Pink Lily team started finding themselves at a loss for the best way to effectively help customers while also remaining a profitable business. Route’s Protect feature was the next best strategic move to improve overall customer experience. Since adding Route, more than 300,000 Pink Lily orders have been protected from lost, stolen, or damaged in-transit issues while retaining a 100% customer satisfaction score.

“The disappointing issues we were experiencing with delivery services left us to look at ways that we can proactively step in for the sake of our customers. Route has been able to help and it’s really taken the weight off of our support agents to resolve that issue,” Hassell mentioned.

Together with Route, Pink Lily was able to redirect over 85% of customer inquiries to get fast, experienced help for in-transit issues. “From the customer side of everything, they’re actually dealing with an expert that’s more well-versed in resolving those issues and bypassing the headache of dealing directly with the carrier. The extra assurance we’re providing our customers is monumental in the overall experience they are being provided,” noted Hassell.

Before Route

  • A small team of 25 people was handling 40–50 customer inquiries per week, detracting from time that could be spent elsewhere.


  • Investigating in-transit issues consumed 20–25 hours of support team time per week.


  • Replacements or refunds of orders that couldn’t be resolved with the carrier were covered out-of-pocket.

After Route

  • Customer inquiries dropped to 5–7 per week; allowing the team to focus on other areas, such as customer engagement with the brand.


  • Route-protected orders can be directed to Route within a few seconds, while non-Route-protected orders take 3–4 hours per week to resolve.


  • Route covers the cost for lost, stolen, and damaged packages.

Pink Lily X ROUTE

Route has helped save us time and money

By partnering with Route and alleviating post-purchase pains, Pink Lily has been able to spend more time engaging with their customers’ experience and improving their brand engagement in the long run. “Route has helped save us time and money on training because we were able to virtually take out the need for claim resolution expertise in our onboarding procedures. We love knowing that there are experts ready to handle order delivery issues with the same level of support we give our customers.”

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