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Thur, June 30th 2022
6:00pm – 9:30pm ET

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Topics Covered

Transparency in the Customer Experience

Simple Steps Toward Sustainability

How Growth is Fueled by Connection


What’s Next in Ecommerce

Nick Axelrod-Welk


Jing Gao

Founder & CEO,
Fly By Jing

Erin Magee

VP of Design and,
Production, Supreme

Pia Arrobio

Ghiaia Cashmere

Emily Ratajkowski


Kim Johnson

Head of Community,

Jenny Roy

VP of Marketing,

Éva Cantú Goicochea

Founder & CEO,

Andy Bilinsky


Meredith Michaels

Senior Manager of
eCommerce, Poosh

Noah Wunsch

Founder & CEO,

Annie Agle

Sr. Director of
Sustainability, Cotopaxi

Mia Davis

VP of Sustainability,
Credo Beauty

Sharleen Ernster

Founder & CEO,
We Are HAH

Amy Denet Deal

Designer & Founder,

Arteen Arabshani

VP of Strategy,
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From Past Events

Nik Sharma Route Connect Quote

Nik Sharma

Sharma Brands

“I’ve seen DTC brands take two days’ worth of ad spend and put it into brand, and it has been phenomenal for them. You know, a lot of the cookiepocalypse and the cutting of the access to third-party data is going to drive these brands get really smart about how they connect to their customers and how they build relationships from the beginning.”

Sennai Atsbeha Route Connect Quote

Sennai Atsbeha

VP of Brand Marketing,

“Relationships over transactions. During the holiday period, a lot of brands play in the pricepoint marketing game. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’re focused on building relationships throughout the year… The world is constantly evolving, so it’s about getting sharp with who you’re trying to talk to and investing your resources in the platforms where those people are.”

Tai Beauchamp Route Connect Quote

Tai Beauchamp

Chief Brand Officer,
Brown Girl Jane

“That connection that you have matters even more during the holiday season, because with shipping and production schedules you need to have that grace bucket built to draw on during that time.”

David Roger Route Connect Quote

David Roger

Felix Grey

“I think a brand is, at the end of the day, a relationship with a customer. And you don’t just do that in Q4. You do that throughout the year with not only a good product, but operationally with quick delivery, customer service teams available to help, and really think through the personality that your brand has and how you want to have that relationship with your customer.”

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What is Route Connect?

Route Connect is the premier ecommerce event where the industry’s best will dish out exclusive know-how, actionable insights, and tangible strategies fit for modern consumers and the genuine connection they crave. We’ll have hours of on demand content followed by a live streamed panel from the Route Connect HQ in New York City. Guests are welcome to join us online or in person on June 30, 2022. Get your name on the list by registering today!

What content topics will Route Connect cover?

Gift yourself this time to re-center and re-invigorate your passion for your profession. In 2021, our audience heard from Gymshark, MVMT, Popshop Live, Felix Gray, Prima, and more. We even had thought leaders including Christopher Gavigan, Ben Parr, and Josh Constine. This June we’ve got another incredible lineup– and we’re discussing everything from tactics that increase trust to building the perfect multichannel experiences. Plan on tips for owning customer data (and using it effectively), moving toward sustainability in unique ways, the AI tools that winning brands swear by, and more. We’ll also hear founder stories (the good and the hard) that will both inspire and motivate you on your own ecommerce journey.

Who should attend Route Connect?

Whether you’re new to ecommerce or a seasoned expert, the content and connections you’ll make promise to be fresh, innovative, and deeply valuable. If brand building and connecting to customers and other fellows in the ecommerce space matters to you, then you need to be at Route Connect.

When and where is the event?

Route Connect is a hybrid event; register online and you’ll receive a link to tune in on June 30 for the digital panels and live-streamed event. If you’re in the NYC area and keen to connect in person, make sure to click the box telling us you’re interested in attending–if there is availability, we’ll follow up and send you a confirmation email with the information you’ll need to plan ahead. Digital event goers: 6 pm EST – 9:30 pm EST. In-person event goers: 7:30 pm EST – 11:00 pm EST.

Does this event cost anything?

Route Connect is all about connecting– so, no. There is no cost to attend.

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Thur, June 30th 2022
6:00pm – 9:30pm ET

Hybrid Event

Digital Registration

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