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The Route App Is Here

Nov 22, 2019

The post-purchase experience
will never be the same

From day one, Route’s mission has been clear; create a better post-purchase experience for online retailers and their customers. Since launching Route+ earlier this year, we have partnered with over 2,300 merchants in 66 countries, provided premium insurance to nearly 2 million shoppers across the globe and protected hundreds of millions of dollars worth of orders. Suffice it to say we’ve been busy.

But that’s not all… 

Behind the scenes, we’ve been building something special – the Route App

Today has been over two years in the making – the Route App is available to the general public and we couldn’t be more excited. This is a massive step forward in bridging the gap between checkout and delivery, and will enable online retailers to deliver an on-brand post-purchase experience that minimizes loss, increases visibility, decreases customer support costs, and creates lifelong brand advocates in the process.

What the Route App means for shoppers

  • Visual Tracking™ – enables shoppers to track each of their orders visually in one place
  • Push notifications – automatic, proactive shipping updates keep shoppers informed from the minute they checkout until their package arrives 
  • One-click claims – takes the friction out of lost, stolen and damaged packages
  • Universal order history – everything they’ve ordered, beautifully organized, forever

What the Route App means for online retailers

Provide unmatched visibility and transparency

With the Route App seamlessly integrated to your website, order confirmations will be accompanied by Route’s proprietary Visual Tracking™, which will allow customers to effortlessly track their orders and receive real-time status updates.

Gone are the days of “where’s my order?” The Route App brings unmatched visibility and control to the post-purchase experience, modernizes the delivery journey, and drastically reduces customer support efforts during shipment.

Keep your customers coming back for more

Traditional ecommerce has continually lacked a way for brands to seamlessly engage with shoppers post-purchase. After a customer checks out there are limited avenues for retailers to re-engage with customers, many of which are time consuming, costly and inauthentic.

Your personalized brand profile in the Route App organizes all of your customers’ orders, provides quick links to continue shopping on your website, and creates the world’s first closed loop shopping experience, building brand preference and increasing customer lifetime value.

Drive a better post purchase experience with Visual Tracking™

Post checkout is a noisy time for shoppers. Off-brand emails, tracking numbers, payment confirmations all drown the customer in information and leaves them wondering who is who and where to return for information.

Now with Route, you can create a better post-purchase experience by driving your customers to Route’s Visual Tracking™ platform. Automatically trigger a single email that allows shoppers to easily track their order online or in the Route App.

Advanced insights with new Route Brand Portal

From updating your brand profile, to searching through outstanding claims, Route’s new brand portal will serve as the one-stop-shop for all of your post-purchase needs.

The portal will allow you to visually track each order that’s en route to customers, provide detailed order histories with rich insights around claims, protected revenue and trouble areas.Finally, I’d like to personally thank every single brand who has joined us on this journey.

Our goal is to simplify — making order tracking modern and visual, handling shipping issues with one-click, and creating a better online shopping experience for consumers that turns them into lifelong advocates of your brand.

Evan Walker
Founder & CEO

Ready to be more intentional
with your post-purchase experience?

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