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5 Costly Mistakes Killing Your Post-purchase Experience

Jul 1, 2020

Ecommerce Mistakes That Are Tanking Your Post-purchase Experience

The customer experience isn’t contained to just the time people spend perusing your products and making a purchase. The entire journey might even start well before someone hits your website at all—and it stretches far past the checkout page. So while your ecommerce website might be optimized with sexy product photography and unmatchable navigation, have you checked in on the whole customer experience lately? 

One of the most vital parts of the customer journey is your store’s post-purchase experience. It’s the part of the journey that can delight and surprise a customer, or it can leave a sour taste in their mouth. It’s the experience that can either drive another purchase or push a customer away for good. And with so much riding on this final leg of the customer cycle, it’s still one of the most overlooked strategies in ecommerce.

Before you slip your own post-purchase experience under the microscope, we wrote up a li’l ebook outlining the five mistakes notorious for killing post-purchase experiences everywhere. Ready to see for yourself?

The post-purchase experience can make or break brand affinity

Is the post-purchase experience really that important?

Yes. Yes it is. Otherwise we wouldn’t have teamed up with ecommerce enthusiast Kaleigh Moore to write this whole book about it. (Or, ya know, talk about it on every part of our website.)

Explore the stats that prove just how important a good post-purchase ecommerce experience is to consumers. Then see just how few merchants are meeting customer expectations. The disparity between customer desires and ecommerce reality means there’s a big opportunity waiting for merchants everywhere.

The closer you bring the post-purchase experience to meeting customer expectations, the more your store will stand out and build hefty brand affinity. Who doesn’t want to know how to land more customer loyalty?

Five post-purchase mistakes you might not even know you’re making

We’re pretty passionate about the entire customer experience, which means we’ve seen our fair share of lackluster post-purchase strategies. The spectrum of mistakes runs from:

By understanding the mistakes we see most often, you can better scrutinize your own post-purchase strategy and know where to get started to make it better for your customers and your bottom line.

And of course we won’t leave you high and dry, wondering what to do next. To wrap up our book, we dig elbow-deep into must-haves and next steps. See the changes you can chip away at today, next week, or even sometime this year to make your post-purchase experience one that customers will remember and crave every time they shop online.

Give your customers an experience they’ll love

What are you waiting for? Nab a free copy of this ebook to start dissecting your own store’s post-purchase experience and checking off the must-haves your customers expect. By offering up a one-of-a-kind post-purchase experience that delivers peace of mind and authentic customer care, get prepared for repeat purchases to grow and revenue to boom.

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