3 Reasons Route Is the Best Tracking Software for Shopify

It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation about ecommerce without Shopify being mentioned. Whether you’re picking brains about how to start your own online store or you’re asking others what platform they use, odds are good that at least one person will toss Shopify into the chat.

Touted as “the platform commerce is built on,” it’s no surprise why. More than a million people sell their goods on the platform, and its stock market shares have blasted 5600% since its IPO in 2015. Its popularity is undeniable for many reasons, one being the customer experience easily offered to all shoppers. 

Let’s explore why Shopify has been on such a long hot streak—and how Route is a seamless fit for the ecommerce behemoth. 

Shopify really is all that (and a bag of chips)

In ecommerce, there are a few big players for setting up shop. WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce powered by Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify round out the four platforms with the most market share. Founded within a few years of its top competitors, Shopify has made a reputation for itself as the go-to for brands looking to scale with ease.

Number of merchants using Shopify.

Merchants, established and green alike, have been flocking to the platform for years, especially booming in popularity throughout 2020 as more people took to entrepreneurship amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 500 million hungry consumers buy something from a Shopify store every darn year, which points to the fact that these stores are pleasant and provide user-friendly experiences for merchants and consumers. 

Some of the top reasons cited for choosing to start a store on Shopify include:

Ease of Use
People don’t have to be tech wizards to start selling on Shopify. It’s clear, concise, handsomely designed, and fun to use—all without needing to have a background in coding and web development. 

Budget-friendly Pricing Tiers
New merchants are often bootstrapping their way to stardom. With that in mind, Shopify’s pricing tiers are a fit for just about any brand. Shopify Lite turns your blog into a selling platform for just $9 monthly, Basic gets your dedicated store up and running for just $29 per month, and for those brands that smash into enterprise territory, Shopify Plus has your back. In a nutshell, if you have a free tenner every month, you can start selling. 

Relationship Flexibility
Shopify doesn’t just provide the storefront while leaving merchants to figure out the rest of the customer relationship on their own. Instead, the platform comes packed with priceless tools like abandoned cart recovery, payment gateways, thank you email automation, and more. It starts cracking open the possibilities for merchants, giving them the basics all while empowering them to look at what’s possible with their unique relationships. 

Three Reasons Route Is the Best Tracking Tool for Shopify Stores

Shopify has been busy revolutionizing ecommerce for SMBs. From its pricing model to its interface to its flexibility for merchants, the ecommerce platform has done more for the brand-customer relationship than we can imagine. 

Unlike selling on Amazon, Ebay, or any other massive marketplace, selling on Shopify empowers sellers to have total control over the shopping experience. There’s a ton of control on Shopify out of the box, but once you consider its 6,000 apps available in its Shopify App Store, DTC brands can truly take every last inch of the customer relationship under their wing. No part of the customer journey has to be left in the hands of others. 

Route shares similar values: empower merchants to foster the best customer experience possible, push ecommerce forward, revolutionize the industry for both merchants and customers—you get the idea. We care about making ecommerce the best it can be, which is one reason why it’s a perfect fit for sellers on Shopify. That’s not all, though. Other reasons include:

1. Alignment with modern consumer expectations
Modern consumers are making buying decisions based on experiences. What used to be an impulse fueled by cost or convenience is now all about the best experience a brand can offer. After all, customers put a lot of faith in brands once they hit “Buy,” and the worst thing sellers can do is go silent after checkout.

Route Track provides a way for Shopify sellers to engage with customers throughout the post-purchase experience in a branded and aligned way. Instead of adding to the fact that feeling disconnected and overlooked is the No. 1 reason customers churn, create a healthy repeat customer rate and rock-solid reputation.

2. Proactive shipping notifications and next-gen tracking
Part of surpassing modern consumer needs and desires is being proactive and transparent in every touchpoint. They don’t want to be left in the dark about your brand, the process, or what happens between purchase and delivery. Route Track is the premier solution for offering proactive tracking updates throughout the entire post-purchase experience.

Customers can watch everything they purchase online make their way to the mailbox on one single screen. It’s the simplicity they’ve been craving after literal decades of outdated tracking experiences. No more sifting through inboxes, no more pasting long codes into carrier websites. Just a clear idea of where their stuff is in seconds. Plus, with Route Track, brands stay top of mind through proactive push notifications that guide the shopper along the journey. 

Not only does this alleviate stress in your customers’ life, it also takes off the pressure on your customer support team. Instead of answering endless “Where is my order?” question, they can put their focus on high-value priorities and projects.

Route Track for Shopify stores

3. Cost-saving issue resolution for lost, damage, or stolen goods
Not only does Route outfit Shopify merchants with unparalleled tracking powers, but it also gives them the most seamless issue resolution this side of the Mississippi. If a customer gets a notification that their purchase is delayed or lost, or if they’re told it’s delivered but don’t see anything on their stoop, they can make the problem right in just a few clicks (and without the chatbot purgatory).

Giving shoppers the power to self-resolve issues is a two-fold success. First, they can seamlessly and instantly get a refund or reorder the product. Their problem isn’t erased, but it’s mitigated and resolved in the best way possible—a supportive solution in just seconds without the runaround, long waits, or worse.

Second, Shopify merchants can cut down on support tickets and rest assured that customers facing loss, damage, or theft are being taken care of, ‘round the clock, for the best experience possible. (Then they get to track their reordered goods just as swiftly as their original purchase!)

Route Resolve in Shopify

The Customer Experience Has Never Been Better than with Shopify and Route

Choosing Shopify to launch your ecommerce dreams is a good choice for a bright future. But if you’re a seller looking to scale quickly, stand out from the competition, and provide a customer experience that keeps people coming back for more, pairing with Route is a no-brainer. It’s the best tracking app you can add to your Shopify store, and it’s only continuing to evolve alongside consumer behavior for continuous optimization. 

That claim could sound a bit biased coming from us, but with a four-star rating in the Shopify App Store, the masses seem to agree. You’re making big strides by choosing Shopify, so don’t let the tracking experience with other tracking solutions toss a wrench in your growth. 

If you’re looking to get outfitted with the best in every facet of ecommerce, don’t forget solutions that enhance your post-purchase experience. Extend your brand engagement and customer experience and buckle up for the ride of a lifetime. 

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