Solo Stove X Route

Solo Stove builds customer trust and boosts the bottom line with Route

  • 92%

    decrease in time spent on claims

  • 91%

    decrease in time to reimburse

  • 99%

    customer satisfaction when using Route


Founded in 2010, Solo Stove began as a simple yet innovative cooking stove, meant to help people connect with nature and one another while gathered around a fire. Fast forward 10 years, and Solo Stove has grown exponentially, and now produces a wide range of premium stoves, fire pits, and accessories, many of which have landed in prominent magazines such as Men’s Health, GearJunkie, and Mashable. While a lot has changed over the years, Solo Stove still remains focused on making easy-to-use, premium products designed to make people’s lives better.

A big product led to big claims and even bigger trust issues

Solo Stove’s Yukon is the gold standard of fire pits. It not only produces the hottest flame, it also produces the biggest flame. Measuring over 2 feet wide and weighing in at 45 pounds, this behemoth stands out in any backyard. There’s just one problem; getting it to the backyard. Large items are always a challenge to ship—they require more packaging, more space, more care and at the end of the day, they’re always more prone to damage. “We were seeing damage rates come in above normal,” said John Merris, CEO. “Enough that we knew it was negatively impacting our customers and starting to hurt our brand. We immediately got to work to find a solution that would help provide a better experience for the customer.”

“Thanks to Route, I haven’t heard from my customer service teams for several months now about dealing with UPS. I used to hear about it daily”

John Merris

CEO at Solo Stove

Taking care of their customers meant taking control of the post-purchase experience

Solo Stove prides itself on doing everything they can to serve their loyal client base. Understanding that the Yukon was at high risk for damage, Solo Stove went as far as to pay out of pocket to insure every order with UPS. However, despite the upfront guarantee that all damaged orders would be replaced, customers remained skeptical after dealing with UPS’ less-than-stellar claims process.

“Our customers were losing faith in their processes which reflected poorly on us, and was putting major strains on our CS team” described John. In an attempt to regain trust and shift market perception, Solo Stove turned to Route to provide a more seamless, straightforward and reliable solution for dealing with damaged products.

Before Route

  • Paid out of pocket to insure all orders against loss or damage for their customers
  • Handled claims internally, eating the costs and waiting weeks for reimbursement
  • Spent 3+ hours day working with customers/carriers to resolve issues
  • Increasing customer frustration due to unclear claim and exchange policies

After Route

  • No out of pocket insurance premiums, and better claims resolutions
  • Route handles claims from start to finish, saving time and money
  • Clear processes allow CS reps to resolve delivery issues in 15 minutes or less
  • Customers handle claims directly with Route inspiring confidence and quick turnarounds

More confident customers, happier employees, and a bigger bottom line: that’s the power of Route.

Since implementing Route, Solo Stove has saved thousands in out of pocket insurance premiums, reduced claim related CS tasks by 92% and most importantly, increased customer satisfaction by 10%.

More confident customers, happier employees, and a bigger bottom line: that’s the power of Route.

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