Jordan Road Jewelry X Route

Jordan Road Jewelry designs an effortless buying experience with Route

  • 96%

    reduction in order issue filing time

  • 94%

    reduction in time spent on customer inquiries

  • 59%

    of customers select Route at checkout


Led by a mother-daughter duo with an eye for design, Emma and Jordanna Oslac created Jordan Road Jewelry on a shared familial love for style, craftsmanship, and travel. “We have both always been interested in discovering, creating, and sharing beautiful things.” notes Jordanna Oslac, Co-founder of Jordan Road Jewelry.  With Emma’s 30+ years as an interior designer, coupled with Jordanna’s extensive experience working at high-end jewelry companies, it’s no surprise that Jordan Road Jewelry’s bold, timeless pieces are taking the fashion industry by storm.

Dealing with a growing stack of customer inquiries can be all-consuming.

Creating designs that are groundbreakingly unique is time-consuming work that leaves little time or energy to waste on broken buying experiences. “Before Route, we were having to deal with a lot of lost packages on our own” recalls Jordanna. “We were handling all package issues manually, each of which required one to two hours of back-and-forth with the customer, even more if the carrier was involved.”

In addition to the growing stack of customer inquiries piling up on a small team, 99% of these customer inquiries were lost, stolen, or damaged orders that required a refund or replacement. The costs were adding up. “Replacing or refunding orders out-of-pocket was certainly becoming costly – on top of all the time we spent tracking down and resolving package issues. We knew we needed a smart solution to scale.” Jordanna adds.

As Jordan Road Jewelry expanded internationally, handling global orders was even trickier, further increasing the amount of time and effort required to provide quick resolutions for customers. When asked to sum up how customer inquiries felt at this time, Jordanna sighs “One word? Time-consuming.

“Once we found Route, it helped make our life as a small, growing business so much easier. Route has eliminated the need to hire customer support help, and now that we no longer have to deal directly with a rising stack of customer issues, we can focus on larger business initiatives.”

Jordanna Oslac

Co-Founder of Jordan Road Jewelry

Route offers proactive, modern solutions that create happy customers, and free up bandwidth for your team.

With Route’s partnership, Jordan Road is able to offer customers proactive, easy solutions – even in the case of order issues. In turn, this modern, connected buying experience allows the team more bandwidth to focus on larger initiatives: “We were so excited to find Route. It was just what we needed, when we needed it.” recollects Jordanna. “We now have much less inquiries coming in since customers can self-serve in the app if they run into any questions or issues.”

In addition to handling  order issues and freeing up bandwidth for larger initiatives, Route’s package protection offering also allows customers to feel greater peace of mind with their purchases. Jordanna has noticed a difference:  “Having the package protection has helped customers feel greater security, especially around the holidays or with larger, pricier orders.”

Since Route’s buying experience solutions help take the brunt of customer experience pains, Jordan Road has been able to shift focus to growing other important parts of their brand. “SInce I barely have to work directly with customers anymore,  I have more time to work on other projects that help grow our business: Marketing campaigns and product launches, etc… such as our upcoming collection at Saks Fifth Avenue!” beams Jordanna.

Before Route

  • 2+ hours for Jordan Road to resolve a customer issue
  • Back-and-forth required with customer and carrier to resolve a customer issue
  • Paid for all replacements and refunds out-of-pocket

After Route

  • 5-10 minutes for Jordan Road to redirect customers to Route for 24 hour resolution time
  • Customers can self-serve order issue resolutions within the app in ~5 clicks
  • Lost, stolen, and damaged orders are replaced or refunded directly by Route

"Route has saved a lot of time for us, and our customers, so we can all focus on what matters most."

Route’s protection and tracking features allow Jordan Road to offer customers a more seamless, connected buying experience – full of proactive communication and reliable support at every step -even in unfortunate case of order issues. “In short, Route has saved a lot of time for us, and our customers, so we can all focus on what matters most: Enjoying an effortless buying experience of unique pieces that effortlessly elevate any outfit.”

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