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Established in 2005, EyeBuyDirect is a quality, affordable one-stop shop for all eyewear needs. “Our vision is to make quality eye care accessible to everyone, improving our customers’ lives, and thereby being the world’s most diverse ecosystem for optical consumers.” Sunny Jiang, the CEO, states.
Since its inception, EyeBuyDirect has been doing just that— revolutionizing the eyewear community on a global scale, giving back every step of the way. However, great global successes are often accompanied by growing pains, and EyeBuyDirect needed a way to scale their customer interactions without losing sight of the founder’s original vision.

The majority of customers blame merchants for post-purchase hiccups.

Like many successful high-growth companies, EyeBuyDirect had to constantly find scalable ways to manage a growing volume of support calls. Between calls about missing orders and inquiries about order status, the team was spending substantial time and effort communicating back and forth with customers to resolve issues and share order status updates.
In addition to dealing with growing support needs, when items went missing there was little the EyeBuyDirect team could do: “Lost and missing orders are out of our control,” notes Elaine Wei, EyeBuyDirect’s Operations Director, “but delivering a high-quality quality purchase experience is an essential ingredient that keeps our customers coming back.” The team needed a way to scale resources, reduce support ticket volume, and a way to resolve shipping issues without breaking the bank.

“A quality post-purchase experience keeps our customers coming back. We want our customers to have a selection of eyewear styles for any occasion, and a great post-purchase experience encourages them to buy again if they see another frame they love. With Route, our customers are satisfied and happy, and we can be confident that our customers are in good hands.”

Elaine Wei

Director at EyeBuyDirect

Route supports customers throughout the entire buyer journey and brings them back for more.

Thanks to Route’s innovative technology, EyeBuyDirect and its customers now have peace of mind at every step of the buying experience. From visual package tracking to instant order updates and protection for lost, stolen, or damaged packages—Route makes it easy to keep customers happy. Rising customer satisfaction and repeat purchases continue to be a huge driver of EyeBuyDirect’s company growth. “Very kind, friendly, understanding, and informative. Great at making sure the buyer feels secure with their purchase and using Route!” remarked one EyeBuyDirect customer when asked about Route. “Thank you for sending a replacement pair of glasses. I can’t wait to get them. I have ordered numerous pair of glasses from EyeBuyDirect and will continue to do so,” mentioned another.

Before Route

  • Support team received thousands of customer support inquiries, many of them about order status.
  • Each ticket required significant back-and-forth communication.
  • Majority of customers blamed EyeBuyDirect for lost and missing orders that were out of their control.

After Route

  • Reduced support ticket volume by 35%, enabling the team to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Enabled customer support reps to spend 35% less time resolving customer issues.
  • Customers have an extremely positive experience when they interact with Route, achieving a 96% customers satisfaction score.

Modern package tracking means clarity, communication, and answers throughout the entire buyer journey

With the significant reduction in the workload, EyeBuyDirect’s team has also been able to focus on elevated care for both its customers and employees. “[After Route] we received fewer contacts regarding shipping issues, which means we can focus and handle other important concerns such as providing services to our customers that go above and beyond,” explains Elaine Wei. Between EyeBuyDirect’s outstanding customer care and Route’s seamless and scalable solutions, EyeBuyDirect is poised to continue its explosive growth.

Modern package tracking means clarity, communication, and answers throughout the entire buyer journey. In the 21st century and beyond, Route is revolutionizing the ecommerce post-purchase experience—and with EyeBuyDirect, the eyewear community—every step of the way.

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