The Ecommerce Merchant’s Guide to Customer Engagement

The 1990s was a wild decade. 

Just like Amazon has evolved from being an online bookstore (nerds) to the record-smashing,  standard-setting No. 1 ecommerce retailer in the US, so too have online shoppers. People are transitioning from occasional ecommerce dabblers to fanatics in the past decade, with revolutionary strides made throughout 2020 alone.

With so many shifts and strides, it’s time to put every piece of your online selling strategy under the ‘scope—including how you engage with your customers.

Evolve Your Engagement Strategies  

While you’ve been updating your platform, your products, and the rest of your processes, consumers have also been doing a bit of updating. Today’s shoppers have updated from desktop to mobile, radio ads to Instagram shopping, and preferring price-driven actions to value-driven experiences. 

Their journey to the checkout has changed, which means how ecommerce engages with customers should also undergo a facelift. Shifting your customer engagement strategies starts with understanding the modern customer journey, where shoppers want to engage, and how to stand out in the noise from increased competition.

Realizing better customer engagement starts with a better understanding of one thing: your customer. Plus some other stuff, but better engagement, higher revenue, faster scaling–it all starts on a strong foundation of knowing your customers as they are today.

For stores looking to rebuild their engagement strategies, we put together a guide all about engaging with modern consumers. Inside you’ll find:

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