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The Ecommerce Merchant’s Guide: Modern Shipping Strategies

May 26, 2021

Selling your products online ain’t what it used to be.

What used to be a relatively simple and uncompetitive process is now a whole thing. Instead of personless, plain commerce, selling and buying online has changed. The journey is now stuffed with the need and desire for better, memorable, and personable experiences that mimic in-person care and attention—including everything from shopping to shipping. 

Yes, ecommerce shipping has evolved from being a clunky, sluggish, and forgettable ordeal into an integral part of the customer experience. Thanks to that ol’ so-and-so Amazon, online consumers started having elevated expectations years ago, in large part, because of free two-day shipping.  

And as more folks flock to buying products online, the higher the standards are becoming. It’s time to get a grip on the shipping strategies you have jotted down in your ecommerce playbook. Grab your own copy of The Ecommerce Merchant’s Guide: Modern Shipping Strategies and see if your stuff is up to snuff.

Dust off Your Strategies and Use Shipping to Scale

When consumers exit the checkout, the post-purchase experience has officially started. While most online stores devote the majority of their budget to customer acquisition—paid ads, pricey influencers, promo emails, giveaways, etc.—the post-purchase experience is the part of the customer journey that could make or break their return.

Simply put: If your shipping experience sucks, that’s the last thing customers remember and they won’t come back to buy again. 

However, if you’re running a smaller online shop, it could seem impossible to align your strategies with those of Amazon and its endlessly deep pockets. While it’s true that not one ecommerce retailer has caught up to the mega-marketplace, it’s not true that smaller ecommerce stores can’t deliver an even better customer experience during fulfillment.

Grab this guide to modern shipping and learn all about:

  • The current shipping hurdles we face.
  • A checklist of logistics to plan ahead of time.
  • How to make shipping an experience that stokes loyalty.
  • Our favorite platforms for crafting a better shipping strategy (without going broke). 
  • And more tidbits and how-tos for making shipping better.

Shipping is an untapped opportunity to lengthen customer engagement, show off your brand, and make more memorable touch points for your customers. Best of all is that you don’t have to be Amazon to meet modern shipping expectations—you just need to get started and this guide is a great place to begin.

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