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Simplify Holiday Shopping With Package Tracking That You Can Share

Nov 24, 2020

The holidays are stuffed with some of the best moments of the year. Good food, warm (virtual) gatherings, and maybe even a cup of the ol’ nog. However you celebrate, this time of year is full of good vibes to look forward to.

Underneath all that tinsel and cheery frost, though, we realize the holidays aren’t just mistletoe and yule logs. With shipping times all over the place and porch piracy on the rise, the holidays also give us one of the most stressful gifts of the year: shopping for presents.

The Grinch Who Stole All Your Packages off Your Porch

In the midst of a pandemic, many of us are opting to steer clear of in-person shopping in favor of shopping from the comfort of our couches and computers. While online shopping eliminates the long wait in a checkout line, it can be frustrating to place an order, then spend days wondering where your package is and hoping it’ll show up in time for the (virtual) festivities. 

As the delivery date approaches, you feel tied to your doorbell so that you don’t leave that brand new pair of sneakers or that perfect prezzie for grandma out in the cold. Thinking of leaving on a weekend trip? Think again! You don’t want to leave your package sitting on the doorstep for a whole weekend, vulnerable to any stranger with sticky hands.

How to Get Every Gift Home for the Holidays

With the holiday gift season upon us, that tied-to-the-doorbell syndrome is only going to get worse.  And it’s not just going to impact you. What about that gift you’re sending straight to your mother-in-law? What if she’s not at home when that special package arrives and a less-than-friendly passerby just snags it? It’s a great recipe for holiday family drama.

The good news: You can now take the uncertainty out of the equation, both for yourself and for your mother-in-law. Route’s visual package tracking app makes it easy to see exactly where your packages are. Add your email address to Route and all of your orders magically appear on a map. Not only will you be able to see the real-time whereabouts of your goods, but you’ll also get notifications for every step of your package’s journey.

Gone are the days of listlessly staring out the window or jumping up every time the doorbell rings. Instead, your world is now open to possibilities like these:

  • Book that trip to the cabin! Your weekend getaway can finally happen. With shareable package tracking, Route makes it easy to send tracking info with your friendly neighbor. In the app, simply select the package you’d like your neighbor to watch out for, click “Share This Order,” and just like that, they’ll be notified as soon as your package hits the doorstep so they can grab it for you and keep it safe.
  • Send that gift straight to your mother-in-law! When sending gifts to relatives or friends (especially ones you have, uh, tenuous relationships with), the pressure to make sure they get their package is ON. But when you share your package tracking details with Mom in one click, she’ll get notified about the status of the package so you’ll both know exactly where it is.

Pssst! You can even hide the order details from her so she’ll still be totally surprised when she opens the box. So much drama averted!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Route app, and share the gift of peace of mind. Your inner worrier, your neighbors, and your mother-in-law are already grateful.

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