Route’s Favorite Products: October 2020 Roundup

At Route, we’re all in on celebrating the sellers in this world. They’re the independent makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and go-getters who keep this place we call Earth interesting. Without ‘em, how could we live our lives? Be our most authentic selves? Explore our passions and tastes? Wear that rad T-shirt that no one else has?

So, thanks, you beacons of independence. While this year has been a wild ride, one thing’s been steady—new and innovative brands. Now, let’s take a gander over some of our favorite brands and wares from October. 

(Also, maybe you’ve noticed that it’s November and almost gifting season! Maybe someone in your life wants one of these prezzies, eh?)  

Shop on, shopper:

On Running – Cloudflyer Waterproof ($179.99)

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on cloudflyer waterproof

The weather in 2020 has been wholly unpredictable, and if you’re one of those who enjoy running outside (we’re sure there are at least a few of you out there), planning your footwear can be a challenge. You want something breathable and light, but you also want good support and durability against the elements. If you’re Richie Rich, you can just buy a different pair of tennies for every day of the week.

If you’re like us, though, you’re gonna want one pair of sneakers that can see you through whatever you encounter on the run. We recommend slippin’ on a pair of Cloudflyer Waterproof by On.

These puppies are lightweight, windproof, and watertight—plus they look gooOOOooood. 

On is a Swiss-born running shoe company that’s been outfitting runners since 2010. The founders have been focused on innovating shoes for the past decade, creating proprietary tech that creates stability, support, and cloud-like comfort while running. 

The Cloudflyer Waterproof is the perfect storm of On’s tech, including Helion superfoam, a bespoke Speedboard, and a 3D-molded heel. Plus, it’s got a lot of reflective bits so cars don’t crash into you as the sun goes down. And if you’re not so into running, this blurb from On should inspire you to get a jog on:

“Built for the graft nobody sees, but ready to step into the spotlight. The Cloudflyer is for the resilient. The overcomers. Those who stare adversity in the face and grin back. The Cloudflyer Waterproof is all this, and it locks the elements out so you can put the work in.”

Sonos – Surround Set ($757)

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sonos surround sound set

You might be wondering, “Whoa, 800 buckaroonies is an expensive gift.” Luckily, we have an idea. Treat yo’self! Nothing says self-care more than immersing yourself in premium home entertainment surround sound. You deserve nothing less than coming home, cozying up under a blanket, and blocking out the world thanks to Sonos.

This three-piece surround sound set was “specifically tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasize the sound of the human voice so you can always follow the story.” Does that seem like a bit extra to you? For Sonos, premium quality is standard, so we’re not surprised they did that. 

With voice control, WiFi connectivity, and app or remote control, you have complete power to do some of your own fine-tuning without even lifting a finger. And if the price tag seems like a bit much right before the holidays, Sonos offers on-the-spot financing with Klarna, our favorite Buy Now Pay Later platform, along with expedited free shipping and 6 months of Disney+. If it doesn’t sound as dreamy as you had hoped (which it will), Sonos offers free returns within 45 days—so there’s truly nothing to lose but yourself in a sea of sound waves.

Black Rifle Coffee Company – Blackbeard’s Delight Roast ($14.99)

Shop Blackbeard’s Delight

Not sure what to give someone this year? We think coffee is always a safe bet. After all, who doesn’t love being awake?  😬

Inspired by Blackbeard himself,  this sack of beans lands somewhere between dark and extra dark roast for folks who like it robust. And while the coffee is good, this brand’s values are great. Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded by veterans with a mission to craft premium coffee while doing the world a bit of good and employing fellow vets. 

The beans are 100% Brazilian and roasted in Tennessee and Utah. This high-quality coffee is so good, you might wanna consider just signing up for their subscription service, the Black Rifle Coffee Club. Pick the coffee you want delivered, how many bags, and how often, and you’re not only on your way to a bottomless coffee cup, but you’ll also save money on every bag and get free shipping.

We think it’s a no-brainer, especially if you’re looking to spread holiday cheer all year long. 

Scotch Porter – Beard Collection ($61.99)

Shop the Beard Collection

Fun fact: Searches for beard oils and balms spike around this time of year, and we have a couple hypotheses we’re working with.

  1. The dry, cool air makes bearded faces dry, itchy, and yearning for balmy relief.
  2. Little tubs of balm or tubes of oil are great stocking stuffers.
  3. People pull the name for some guy in the office for the yearly gift exchange and the only thing they know about him is that he has a beard. 
  4. Beard products last a long time, so maybe this is just when people restock?

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that beard care is trendy RIGHT NOW, so what better time to grab the Scotch Porter Beard Care Collection? Stock up for yourself or your favorite bearded friend with beard wash, conditioner, balm, and serum (and don’t forget to clear out any crumbs that’ve been collecting throughout 2020). 

This collection is  made with Biotin Liposomes, Burdock Root, and White Willow that help beards grow fuller, softer, and healthier overall. While you might not know what a liposome is (or is that just us), rest-assured that Scotch Porter only puts the good stuff in its products—healthy, non-toxic ingredients to create healthy, non-toxic beards. 

Scotch Porter not only crams care into its products, but they also care a heckuva lot about their customers. Break up payments with Affirm, get noice discounts, bask in free shipping, and even feel confident with their 60-day money-back guarantee.

Vincero Watches – Any of ’em ($125 – $175)

Shop Vincero Watches

Did you ever just fall in love with someone because of how they accessorize? No? Are we just lonely for any human interaction by now? Anyways…

Vincero hails from southern California with a mission to craft high-quality watches at prices we can all get behind. They also do everything in-house, from design to distribution, which helps them stay carbon-neutral. Vincero wants the best for your wrist as well as the best for the environment, so they’ve partnered with Climate Neutral, use recycled materials for packaging, and invest in hydro and solar energy.

With every purchase, you’re guaranteed to give a great gift to a friend and Mother Nature. 🌎  

Speaking of guarantees, these wrist friends come clad with a 24-month warranty, free 30-day returns, and free shipping (on orders topping $50). It’s hard to ignore how timeless (heh) watches are. It’s also hard to ignore how Vincero is keeping designs innovative, which makes any of their options a primo gift for anyone on your list.

The Dog Bakery – Customizable Dog Birthday Cake (ruffly $35)

Shop Dog Birthday Cakes

No one is harder to shop for than your furry friend. And no, we aren’t talking about whoever is getting the beard care collection. We’re talkin’ about your pups! Doggos! Good bois. 

And we’re also joking about all of that because last we checked, dogs love pretty much everything—especially birthday cakes (or cakes for any occasion, really!). The Dog Bakery is adding pure joy to the world and will deliver a customized birthday cake made with simple ingredients right to your door. Baked with wheat-free ingredients like rice flour, potatoes, starch, baking powder, egg, apple sauce, honey, oil, and love, each cake will only result in happy dogs and Instagram pics. 

Pretty much anything can be customized to fit the celebration, from lettering to size and shape. And while you’re shopping around for a cake fit for your pooch, why not add in some extra goodies like toys and chews? The shipping is free for orders over $49, so why not just take those savings and invest back into something great—your best friend.

Public Goods – Welcome Kit ($70)

Shop the Welcome Kit

public goods

Public Goods is the epitome of ecommerce pushing the envelope. The brand is changing how people shop online, along with what they shop for. With a mission to make beautiful essential goods that contribute to a healthier, more sustainable home, everything you can buy on the site is made from non-toxic, plant-based ingredients free from parabens and synthetic stuff. 

Essentially, everything you can find on Public Goods is going to be good for you and the planet. And what can you find, exactly? Public Goods sells everything from shampoo and toothpaste to ramen noodles and hot sauce, all at very cost-conscious prices. 

Free shipping and low prices are possible because customers do pay a yearly $59 membership fee (that can be canceled at any time). But how low are these prices? Well, a 4-pack of razor blades is a buck and a 6-pack of toilet paper rings in at just $6. And if their array of departments and goodies is a little overwhelming at first, Public Goods was kind enough to put together this Welcome Kit of must-haves. 

The Kit comes with everything in that pic up above. In total, the bundle comes with 13 items that give you a good sense of what to expect with Public Goods—delicious healthy foods, eco-friendly hygiene products, sustainable packaging, and A+ customer service.

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