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Route’s Favorite Products: July 2020 Roundup

Jul 30, 2020

We’ve officially dubbed this the summer of treatin’ yo’self. There’s nowhere to go and no one to see (aside from those same old people who live in your house. Boring.) so why not spice things up with the goods that make you feel good?

Our fave products this month are all about making life sweeter, easier, and all-around better for your boo, your bae, your Numero Uno—you. Take a gander at the goodies below and stock up for a summer full of fun (or at least a very good simulation of what a normal summer is like).

Peep the products: 

Toadfish Outfitters – Non-Tipping Can Cooler ($24)

toadfish outfitters

This is one of those ideas that has you think things like “Why didn’t anyone come up with this before?” We have incredible advances in society like jet packs and hoverboards and face transplants, but we didn’t yet have this one innovation to change everything: A can cooler that keeps your drink from tipping over. 

The non-tipping can cooler by Toadfish Outfitters doesn’t just contribute to saving the lives of beers and sodas this summer, but for every product sold, a new oyster bed is planted to help clean coastal waters. With more than 73,000 sq. ft. of oyster habitat already planted, Toadfish is more than just another ecommerce store slingin’ goods—they’re conservationists. 

They even tout a Put Em Back™ mantra:

“We strive to live our lives and build our business in a way that creates a positive impact on the ecosystems we love. We are committed to cleaning our waters and leaving this world better than we found it. With these principles as our foundation, we at Toadfish pledge to clean our coastal waters by planting new oyster habitats. Let’s Put ‘Em Back.”

We picked this product for this month because as much as we love not spilling our summertime drinks all over the place, we love the water just a li’l bit more. 

Doughp – Self Control Cookie Dough Box ($36)

doughp products

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably eaten your fair share of raw cookie dough. It’s too good to not just grab a li’l nibble while you bake, so you roll the dice and nom on some—raw eggs and all. Out to satiate all of our cookie dough dreams, though, is a new company called Doughp.

They’re normalizing eating gobs of dough without risking Salmonella and we really couldn’t think of any better way to treat yo’self than sitting down with a tub of the good stuff. (Oh, Doughp is also normalizing mental health by giving employees two mental health days off every year and donating 1% of profits to mental health nonprofits.) 

Founded in 2017 by Kelsey Moreira, she’s already been tossed onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and was featured on Shark Tank pitching Doughp to rich investors. As if this company couldn’t get any more legit, it’s done catering for big brands like Google, Lyft, and Netflix. Those forward-thinking companies see Doughp as an edgy, trendy treat—and they’re exactly right.

“A little edgy, slightly sarcastic, and delicious AF” is how Moreira describes the brand, but the dough itself is a heckuva lot more. The ingredients are raw and all-natural with names you can pronounce. Plus, Doughp is versatile. While it’s without eggs, it does have an egg substitute that lets you eat it straight from the tub or bake it like a responsible adult is supposed to do (boooo). 

The Self-control Cookie Dough Box is made up of four 5 oz. cups of dough. You can pick to get four cups of one flavor, or spice up your summer days with a variety pack. Whatever you pick, it’s gonna be delicious. Doughp offers free shipping and we honestly have no idea why you’re still reading this and not on Doughp’s checkout page already.

Venus Et Fleur – Le Petit Rose Gold Tinted Roses ($154)

eternity roses

Surprising your sweetie (or yourself!) with roses is always a thoughtful idea. They smell good. They look good. They fill any room with romance.

Until a week passes and the bundle of roses you just bought are super dead and sad to look at.

This summer, treat yo’self (or someone else!) with roses from Venus Et Fleur. Founded in 2015, the brains behind this rosy operation got the idea when they first started dating. They picked up a bouquet for Valentines Day, and after noting how uninspiring and low-quality it was, they took matters into their own hands and opened Venus Et Fleur as New York’s first bespoke floral house.  

You can pick up Eternity Roses that last for an entire year and come in 24 different colors. We chose Rose Gold for this post because we think we’re funny. “Ahem, yes, we’d like to order your rose-colored roses.” 

A-listers like Gigi Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the Kardashians treat themselves with these roses, so why can’t we, the non-stars?

The $154 treat we recommend comes with four roses that’ll delight you with every glance for roughly an entire year. If this treat is for someone else, Venus Et Fleur has you covered with options to customize the box and message. 

Fun fact: National girlfriends day is on August 1. If you want to celebrate a girlfriend or a friend who’s a girl, we got your back! Consider getting a bouquet to let some girl know you care. 

Maelys Cosmetics – Body Reshaping Collection ($127)

maely's cosmetics

The Body Reshaping Collection comes stocked with:

  • Full-sized B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask
  • Full-sized B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream
  • Full-sized B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask

You can now “lift, firm, smooth, and plump your way to sexier curves,” and since those were actually the only things on our summer to-do list, you can bet we’re picking up the collection for ourselves. 

The collection can spread onto anyone no matter your age, size, or skin type. And since it’s all free from parabens and SLS, your skin will be treated like actual royalty. We’d hop on this bundle sooner than later (and if this is your first order, make sure to take advantage of that sweet 10% discount and get on their punch card program). 

Coalatree – Escalante Hammock ($59)

coalatree hammock

Wanna double down on stress relief? Get yourself those CBD softgels (see below) and the Escalante hammock by Coalatree and you have yourself one big relaxation elixir. We’re partial to Coalatree not just because it’s based in Salt Lake City (howdy, neighbor!), but because the folks there are all about bringing the outdoors and city life together.

Each of these bad boys can hold up to 450 pounds (which could mean you, a friend, and a couple dozen cats can all rest at once), and they come with everything you need to set up and lounge. 

On top of bringing stylish hammocking to the masses, Coalatree is fiercely environment-focused. They sell eco-minded goods, and they don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk by doing things like:

  • Using surplus fabric to make blankets for the homeless in Salt Lake City.
  • Partnering with local organizations to make hiking and biking trails.
  • Making the most of recycled or repurposed materials, like the discarded yarns and plastics they melt down and spin into new fibers.
  • Reducing energy and water waste with waterless dye.
  • Working in Green facilities where factory partners are working toward zero emissions (water-saving machinery, low-impact ventilation, and solar lighting).
  • Printing tags on recycled paper.
  • Only working with BLUESIGN-approved facilities that meet the highest standards for efficiency, safety, clean manufacturing, and no harsh chemicals.

If you want to swing away the summer in hammock that looks good, feels good, and does good for the planet, Coalatree is your go-to. Like, now. Let’s go get one.

Evan Alexander – My CBD Softgels with Melatonin ($84)

cbd softgels

Have you felt maybe a little bit more stressed this year? Maybe a few events in 2020 have piled on some stressors, but there is a way to take the edge off the woes of the year and sleep a bit more soundly. These CBD softgels by Evan Alexander may reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate body aches, and support more restful sleep, and they’re exactly what the doctor* ordered for a summer like this. 

These are THC-free softgels, so you’ll only enjoy the benefits of CBD and melatonin with these tasty nibbles. If you’re unsure what CBD is, their site offers a refresher: THIS IS CBDA naturally occurring substance that belongs to the family of endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are substances that can interact with your endocannabinoid system, which is a system that helps regulate bodily functions like mood and appetite.

(Which means you don’t have to worry that you’ll suddenly be high as a kite.)

Each softgel has 25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin, and there are 30 softgels per jar. Evan Alexander recommends taking 1 softgel 20 minutes before bedtime, so stock up with a few jars if you plan on weaving these into your daily regimen. 

These are GMO-, gluten-, soy-, and artificial preservative-free. Plus, with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, this is a treat worth trying (especially if it helps you chill out this summer). You can’t control everything happening in this world, but you can control what’s happening in your world, so why not make it less stressful? 

Treat yo’self to the restful nights and less stress with these CBD softgels and help your worries melt away. 

*We’re just using this idiom here, folks. We aren’t actual doctors, although we do enjoy the sound of less stress. 

Dr. Squatch – Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack ($18)

dr. sasquatch soaps

One of the odd bits of this summer might be less swimming in pools and more swimming in hand sanitizer. This might keep you clean and healthy when touching a lot of grubby surfaces, but the classic sanitizer smell can get old, fast. If you’re over the scent of alcohol lingering in every space you’re in, Dr. Squatch is here for a better smelling summer. 

Dr. Squatch was founded by a guy named Jack after he realized that there weren’t any “honest, all-natural soaps for dudes” on the market. Once Jack started making good-smelling soaps from his garage here in the U.S.A. and getting rave reviews, he continued down this slippery soap slope and branched into shampoos, beard oils, colognes, and hand sanitizer. 

This timely offering comes in two scents: Mountain Mint and Crisp Citrus. Crafted with 64% plant-based alcohol, glycerin, and apple extract, this sanitizer keeps you clean and supple.  

If you meander to their site to pick up some sani, make sure to browse their soaps, too. They’re pretty good according to this video. And if you’re overwhelmed by the nine nose flavors offered, take the Squatch Quiz and let the computer decide for you. (The future is NOW, people!)

Laird Superfood – Dark Roast Ground Mushroom Coffee ($14.95)

laird superfood mushroom coffee

Summer is known for lazy days, but if you chug a cuppa this coffee, you’ll feel energized for hours to come. This isn’t just any regular coffee, though. This is cool coffee stuffed with “functional mushrooms.” And if you’ve had the chance to peep Fantastic Fungi, you already know that mushrooms are amazing and fungus is the new frontier.

What’s a functional mushroom? (Next question: What’s a dysfunctional mushroom?) The functional mushrooms in this particular sack of coffee are Chaga, Lion’s Man, and Cordyceps.

coffee graph

Research has shown that these are good for neurologic health and can stimulate the growth of brain cells, which is exactly what we need when we have all this time on our hands to sit and think.

It seems like no matter what your diet is—gluten-free, vegan, paleos, keto, dairy-free, really anything—this non-GMO bevvy will fit right in.

Even if your diet right now includes making coconut coffee ice cream. 🤤 Whether you’re adding it to other recipes or drinking it like, ya know, regular coffee, sip with the peace of mind that it’s made with all-natural, sustainably sourced ingredients that will help your energy levels and your brains.

And as this graph accurately depicts, coffee is essential and we like the dark, hard, wildly caffeinated stuff.

Maintains eye contact, chews on coffee grinds and spits them out.

Pit Viper – Literally ANY of Their Sunglasses ($99+)

pit viper sunglasses page

Pit Vipers, as you probably know them, are venomous snakes. And if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of being chomped on by one, their venom could cause:

  • Changes in heart rate
  • A metallic or minty taste in the mouth
  • Signs of shock
  • Sweat and chills

Oddly enough, these are also symptoms you could experience after slippin’ on a pair of Pit Viper shades. (That’s not true at all. The only symptoms you might feel are being too cool and having sudden urges to party.)

Half the fun of this product pick is shopping on Pit Viper’s website. They win the award for having the most off-the-wall branding we’ve ever seen, and the entire site screams “this was made by a bunch of friends having way too much fun.”

The throwback site, though, is just an appetizer for the products they offer. Their core focus is sunglasses that look like they came back from the 80s, which is cool again BTW. They offer all the good things that sunglasses should offer, e.g., UV protection and stuff.

They also offer loads of apparel options that complement their variety of shades along with some novelties that are only related to the brand because they’ll have you asking, “But why?” 

They really know how to take an aesthetic all the way, and even if you’re all set for sunglasses this summer, we strongly urge you to experience their site anyways.

This Summer Is Gonna Be a Scorcher

These products slipped into our favorites for July for one very good reason—they’ll all help make this one of the best summers yet. (Imagine how good this summer could be if you got a little bit of each?! Cookie dough, hammock sitting, cool sunglasses, and a drink that won’t spill.)

The only thing cooler than treating yo’self to these goods is treating yo’self to a hassle-free, super visual experience after you buy. Route offers one-of-a-kind Visual Tracking that lets people know exactly where their treats are and when they can expect them to show up.

(Plus, Route’s package protection ensures that busted or stolen goods will be refunded or replaced without causing headaches and sadness.)

Go ahead and make this summer hotter than ever with these treats and the treat of tracking transparency.

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