Route’s Favorite Products: August 2021 Roundup

August can be bittersweet as we try to squeeze in a few more epic pool parties and hang on just a little longer to our sun-kissed complexions. Saying farewell to your swanky oversized sunglasses, super cute crochet tops, or sandals and boardshorts doesn’t have to be as heartbreaking as saying goodbye to a summer love. Bring on the fall colors, comfy ensembles, and pumpkin spice lattes! 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first semi-normal semester on campus after sheltering in place, or if you’re a seasoned upperclassman that vaguely remembers what it was like to be on campus. Either way, you’ll want to look and feel like a boss. Let’s jump-start this new school year with the best in fashion and time-efficiency tools to level up.

If the ole campus days are in the rearview, there is a good chance you’re moving from fewer Zoom meetings to more in-person office time. It can feel overwhelming to have to worry about an entire outfit after working in barely acceptable tops and hidden pajama bottoms for over a year, but we’re here to help you step up your game while remaining both stylish and comfortable.

If you’re still having a hard time mentally transitioning to the fall season, not to worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve pulled together a few choice items to get you back to school and back to the office in style. There’s no reason you can’t make a splash while heading into any season!

Mott & Bow — Slim Boyfriend Warren Jeans ($108)

mott and bow boyfriend jeans

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The hunt for the perfect pair of jeans can take years. But when you find them, they’re the perfect staple for your versatile wardrobe.

Let us serve the perfect pair of jeans up on a platter for you. With the Mott & Bow Slim Boyfriend Warren jeans, you get the perfect vintage look, and exquisite comfort. Grab a pair and it could last you all the way to graduation day.

Mott & Bow has a 32-year heritage in denim—you could say it’s just in their DNA! They’ve perfectly blended denim, science, and art to expertly craft an affordable, long-lasting pair of jeans that’ll keep you comfortable while feeling confident and ready to conquer the world. These jeans are washed with resin and have the perfect amount of stretch to be flattering and durable at all times. 

Every pair of jeans are hand-scraped to give the perfect vintage effect, and so they feel worn and soft from the very first wear.  

As an added bonus, when you sign up on Mott & Bow’s website, you automatically get free shipping, which is great because you’ll need every dollar you can muster in college.

DeskView — Clear Standing Desk ($265)

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A photo of a clear DeskView desk suctioned to a large window with a view of the water.

Kicking up efficiency is the name of the game to show our best at work and school. Being hunched over a desk all day is a killer for productivity. The need to get up and stretch is a must for our mind, body, and soul!

Some people bounce around on yoga balls to help fix their posture and stay limber during the workday, but that’s just one bad bounce away from a worker’s comp claim.

The DeskView brand was started to solve this universal problem of back pains and poor posture while getting work done at your desk. This compact desk can easily and effectively connect to your office window (or any window, like one overlooking the waves from your seaside resort). 

There is a playful element involved when you can stand up, stretch your body, enjoy the view, and juggle 5 million work tasks all at the same time. This kind of productivity should be illegal!

With innovation and efficiency at its core, the inventor of DeskView, Mike, created this desk design because of his own back pains while working in his office. Because of a limited office layout, he wanted a minimalist design to utilize all of the available space.

This desk is a must-have addition to your office space or dorm room to maximize limited space and leave a much smaller footprint. These desks can hold an astonishing amount of weight at more than 70 pounds, and they can be repurposed as a high-strength shelf while not holding your laptop or textbooks, cats, or small dogs.  

Uh, ok, maybe it’s best to keep your pets off your cool new desk. The industrial-grade suction discs however, do provide the ultimate sturdy work station.

The DeskView brand ships to over 75 different countries. No matter where you live, you have access to the revolutionary DeskView technology. You also can’t beat the lifetime-warranty provided by DeskView in the event your new desk gets damaged. 

DeskView is also unbelievably easy to install for those of us who might not be so handy (IKEA, eat your heart out). The install takes about 5 minutes, utilizing the aforementioned industrial strength suction to stick to your window. 

Utilizing this phenomenal desk design means that you’ll increase your concentration, while reducing eye strain and saving yourself the inconvenience of a headache as well. 

Birdies — The Starling ($120)

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A photo of mustard yellow slip-on shoes by Birdies.

It’s okay to look stylish even when nobody else can see you—especially in Birdies! This vegan brand was started by women and made for women, go girl power! Birdies was started by two mothers who knew that there needed to be a comfortable and stylish option for slippers worn inside the home. 

Birdies didn’t just create something amazing then kick up their slippers and rest, though. Instead, the company evolved into much more. When they saw how much women loved this comfy and trendy option, they decided to take Birdies even further. Now, the brand has the perfect pair of ultra-comfort flats for any occasion. 

These shoes have seven layers of cushion and a no-slip rubber sole for inside and outside wear to always keep your balance.

A good pair of flats are a necessity for dressing up and looking professional while still cradling your footsies like a newborn baby. Instead of teetering around on high-heels until your feet go numb, you can finally give them the support they deserve.

Birdies is truly a brand with a heart and a clear mission. It’s paired with Project Glimmer to donate shoes to underprivileged teenage girls and offer resume writing workshops to help inspire young women to be successful and confident however they choose.

Ember — Ember Mug Metallic Collection ($129.95)

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A photo of a copper-colored mug by Ember brand.

Working from our homes during the pandemic had us forgoing our Starbucks fix and getting caffeinated from the comfort of our kitchens. We saved a lot of money and we were able to add “Barista” to our LinkedIn profiles at the same time. 

Having such power at our fingertips, we needed to learn to pace ourselves. Occasionally, that pacing led to our deliciously warm cups of java cooling off prematurely…technology to the rescue (and no, it’s not a microwave, ew). 

The Ember Smart Mug is self-heating (the future is now!!) and it’ll keep your coffee warm throughout the day. There’s no longer a need to worry that your coffee will get cold before you finish drinking it, and no need to chug your coffee before it tastes stale and old.  

Not into coffee? The Ember is also compatible with cocoa, tea, and maybe even soup (we won’t tell anyone if you eat warm soup out of a coffee cup).

The mugs from Ember all come with a built-in battery, so you can select and maintain your preferable drinking temperature through its patented bluetooth connection. You can also recharge your mug with a charging coaster that’s included with your purchase! (Like we said, future = now.)

With the newest technology in automation, the Ember Mug detects when liquid is poured into it and wakes up. It also can detect when the cup is empty and enters sleep mode to save battery life.

When keeping your coffee warm with your Ember mug, a current runs through the mug and circulates your coffee. With this awesome feature, every drink of coffee is the same warm temperature. 

Your Ember Mug even comes with the Ember App to control all the settings and preferences of your mug. Sincerely, this is any hot-drink guzzler’s dream come true, which is why we’re recommending this entire collection. All four metallic mugs could outfit a whole family or, say, any book club’s late-night decaf sipping time.

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