Route’s Favorite Products: August 2020 Roundup

Summer is coming to a close, but we have just one question to ask you: Have you treated yo’self? 

Sure, the bright summer sun may seem like a treat in and of itself, but times have been interesting and every single one of us deserves a treat for every postponed vacation, scrambled plan, or solo backyard barbecue. 

So while the sun may be setting earlier and school is getting back in session, we’re serving up another tasty round of our favorite products with which to treat yourself this season. 

Creep on the brands ahead: 

Boyish – The Billy Jean ($168)

Shop The Billy | Conversation Jean

the billy jean

Ok, we know we just blabbed on about the dying breaths of summer 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think just a tiny bit ahead to the next season. The Billy jean (heh) is perfect for your fall wardrobe roster, so if you’ve been hankering for some throwback denim, Boyish is delivering big time.

The Billy emulates everything folks love about vintage pants—button fly, high-rise waist, straight legs, 70’s indigo wash that’s comfortable yet structured. Just look at how cool that model donning The Billy looks. Look at them!

Not only do these pants make you look cool, they’re also cool for the planet. They’re crafted using REFIBRA™ Technology that takes scraps from the fashion industry, blends those scraps with a natural raw material called TENCEL™, and makes new clothes with minimal impact to the environment. You can see how much good you’re doing for the earth right on the product page, which is a great feel-good bonus.

For example, buying a pair of The Billy in lieu of some other wasteful pants saves 556.2 days of drinking water. 🤯 A stat that actually blew our mind.

Maybe you’ve been in your quarantined cocoon for the summer, but emerging from your house in a pair of these bad boy(ish)s is quite the way to re-enter the world, right? 

(Psssst! Boyish offers Klarna as a payment option so you don’t have to fork over all 168 bucks at the same time. Instead, make four payments of $42.00 over the course of 8 weeks and these pants are all yours.)

Ten Thousand – Over Zip ($88)

Shop the Over Zip

We lied, we’re still here to talk about getting yourself treats that will serve you as the weather cools down. The Over Zip is Ten Thousand’s take on a versatile quarter-zip pullover. Made with performance merino fabric, it’s the perfect top that’s not too warm and not too light. Plus, it has permanent anti-odor properties, which means you’ll never be the stinky guy in your HIIT class again. 

ten thousand zip up

The best thing about buying with Ten Thousand is that you can sleep at night knowing you’re investing in the best workout clothes out there.

They’re really into “No BS. No gimmicks.” Which means you’ll never wonder if you’re being bamboozled. And the name? Well, have you ever heard the anecdote that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. 

Well. There ya go. 

You can feel that sentiment throughout their product line as the brand has pared it down to mastering the fitness essentials instead of spreading themselves thin to every new trend or flashy thing. 

Lastly, Ten Thousand’s One In / One Out program (although currently on a hiatus for improvements) is an eco-conscious alternative to tossing worn-out gear in the garbage. Send them training gear that’s seen better days, and they’ll recycle it responsibly—and give you a 10% discount on your next order to boot. If your Ten Thousand gear ever wears out, though, don’t sweat it; they offer a lifetime warranty.

Zagg – Phone Sanitizer ($79.95)

Shop the mophie phone sanitizer

Who would’ve guessed that it would take an entire pandemic to make each of us a bit more health-conscious, but here we are. If you’re like most people who are now taking up new hobbies as germ vigilantes 🦠  and professional Lysol Wipers, you’re going to really love this next treat.

zagg mophie phone sanitizer

We love this phone sanitizer by Zagg (and are a little bummed we didn’t know about it until now). Before we dig into how great this goodie is, let’s talk about how gross phones are.

Phones have 25,127 bacteria per square inch.

In comparison, look at how much bacteria these other typically gross things have:

We grab ‘em with our unwashed hands, play games while we sit on the toilet, put them in our mouths, put them in our baby’s mouth, drop them in the gutter—then we stick them right on our face when we answer a call.

We didn’t realize how gross a phone was, but Zagg did. (Phew!)

Stick your phone in the mophie sanitizer, and in just 5 minutes, 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria on your phone will be dead and gone. It’s compact, doesn’t use heat or liquid, and can pretty much sanitize whatever will fit, like earbuds, keys, and credit cards (which are also all grubby!). 

We picked this sanitizer by Zagg as our favorite for August because not only does it ship for free, it also wirelessly charges your device while undergoing its deep clean. So, if you’ve been looking to perfect your anti-germ game, this is it. 

Leesa – Hybrid Pillow ($109)

Shop the Hybrid Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep has been an unexpected challenge of 2020, but Leesa is on a mission to make sleep easy, even when the world is hard. 

The Leesa Hybrid Pillow can work with you no matter what mood you’re in when you go to sleep. It’s adjustable and reversible, and it comes with a removable insert. So smoosh it, flip it, punch it, scream into it—whatever you need to do to make it feel good for you, this pillow can hack it.

It’s built with chilling fibers and a “cool-to-the-touch gel side” that won’t make you feel all hot and sweaty, no matter what stressors were eating at you all day. Leesa knows you spend a lot of time with your pillow, so why not enjoy that time instead of enduring a joyless slumber night after night?

To make this pillow even better, Leesa offers perks like free shipping, a 30-night in-home trial, and a 3-year warranty. So even if every configuration of the Hybrid Pillow just doesn’t help you catch more Z’s, Leesa understands and won’t make returning it a hassle. 

Sleep easy, friends.

Bite – Berry Twist Toothpaste Bits ($30)

Shop Berry Twist Bits

Brushing your teeth is such an inconvenience. It’s boring. It’s wasteful. It can get messy. AND you’re expected to do it twice a day?! Give us a break!

bottle of bite bits

But really, we know how important oral hygiene is (and how expensive fake teeth can be 😬), so it’s in our best interest to just do the thing every day, twice a day, for the rest of time. And now that we know Bite exists, tooth brushing has become a heckuva lot more bearable.

Bite makes toothpaste bits. It’s the best innovation in toothpaste since toothpaste was born, and we wanna tell you all about it.

Bits are perfectly measured chewable toothpaste tablets that are:

We picked the Berry Twist Bits variety because why not enjoy this arduous process a little bit more? When you get your jar of toothpaste tablets and the clock strikes 2:30 (please ignore that joke), just pop a bit in your mouth, bite down, and start brushing with a wet toothbrush. It’ll foam up like the toothpaste of yore, and you’ll be pretty amazed at how pleasant an experience it is. 

For $30, you’re outfitted with a 4-month supply that ships for free. And if you’re like any of us who just wants everything to be a subscription service, you’re in luck. If you subscribe to Bite, you’ll get automatic refills and never have to think about buying toothpaste ever again. 🤟

Manta – Weighted Sleep Mask ($39.99)

Shop the Manta WEIGHTED Sleep Mask

manta weighted sleep mask

Odds are good you’ve heard of the weighted blanket craze. Weighted blankets are heavy blankets that, studies show, can reduce stress and anxiety while giving you a deeper sleep. It’s like a full-body hug, and luckily, Manta has made one for your face. 

Unlike the majority of sleep masks, Manta sleep masks don’t just smother your face with cloth to block out light. Instead, these masks are made with soft, gentle cups that eliminate eye pressure and provide 100% blackout conditions. Since these cups lift the mask off your face, your eyeballs will feel free and happy. 

The weighted mask evenly distributes weight and was crafted to “combine the soothing power of gentle pressure with the sensory relief of 100% blackout,” which helps anyone facing stress, anxiety, insomnia, tension headaches, or migraines (so, pretty much everyone). 

The Manta WEIGHTED Mask is infinitely adjustable for any face shapes and sizes, so  no matter what your head is like, you’ll be able to slip on this mask and fall fast into a deep, deep sleep (hopefully one that lasts until 2021).

If you hate this treat? Manta offers a risk-free 60-day trial, no-hassle refunds, and free shipping. So even if the Manta WEIGHTED mask isn’t exactly right for you, you still won’t sleep over sending it back. 

Hatch – The Indoor Outdoor Jogger ($128)

Shop the Hatch Jogger

We cannot actually recall the last time we saw pants that looked this comfy. The Indoor Outdoor Jogger by Hatch is the ultimate loungewear. Made with luxe French terry, you’ll experience minimal rubbing and maximum comfort. 

Hatch was started in 2011 by Ariane Goldman. She was on a mission to bring chic and timeless clothing to the maternity market because while mumus are easy, they’re not always elegant—and moms deserve elegance at any stage. 

This is great news for us, because while the Indoor Outdoor Jogger seems to be the perfect pair of cozy pants for moms and moms-to-be, these also seem like the perfect pants for those of us who’ve been working hard on our food babies while in quarantine.

Junior* is due any day now.

And if you’re in the U.S., you can get these joggers shipped to you for free, which is exactly what moms like to hear.  

*Junior is the name of our food baby.

Treat Yourself Before Summer’s Out

There ya have it, folks. From goodies that help you get a better night’s sleep to gadgets that’ll render your cellphone less of a cesspit, these are our favorite products from August. We hope you do some digging around and find something you like, because ya know what?

You deserve it.

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