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Route Shout-out: Kellee Hansen

Jan 28, 2021

It’s Kellee Time!

It’s a lot like Hammer Time, but much better (even without the Hammer pants). We’re extending our greatest gratitude to the one and only Kellee Hansen. She’s an enterprise customer success manager here at Route, which means she helps us create a seamless and pleasant experience with folks who use our platform with their stores.

She’s pretty darn good at what she does, and we think it’s high time the world knows just a bit more about her. Keep readin’ to learn about her, her role, and how she helps Route be better every darn day.

All About Kellee

I am from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I’m married to my absolute favorite person—my husband, Nate. We have a mini bernedoodle named Sushi, and we recently moved to a beautiful house in Lehi (also Utah) so we could cut down on our commute, which is now 4 minutes! Ironically, I haven’t been to the office once since the beginning of the pandemic. Go figure! 

I have lots of hobbies that include water skiing, snow skiing, golfing (yes, I am a girl who golfs and have since I was 6), I play multiple instruments—flute, piccolo, and the saxophone—and I love hiking and snowshoeing. I also love painting and making crafts! 

I haaate cooking and I’m not good at it, but luckily my husband is an amazing chef and has cooked every night since we’ve been married. 

I am obsessed with popcorn and eat it almost every night. My two favorite food groups are popcorn and bacon. Yes, I classify those as food groups. 😎 

(We don’t blame you, Kellee.)

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many countries and learn about so many cultures thanks to my dad being a pilot for Delta. 

I love people, and I love learning about others, trying new things, and helping anyone!

What About Route Caught Your Eye?

Working at Route was so meant to be! It was about a year ago when I was working at another tech company in Lehi that I actually had three different people tell me about Route. I hadn’t had a chance to look into Route, yet, when the AMAZING Steph Black (Talent & Culture at Route) reached out to me completely out of nowhere with a Halloween-themed email to chat!

I loved the email and decided to chat with Steph (completely forgetting that three different people had told me about Route already). The instant we talked, I knew I was supposed to work at Route. The interview process happened in the blink of an eye, and I think from the time I talked with Steph to the time I got an offer letter was just four days!

It was the easiest “yes” I have ever said (maybe right after saying “yes” when my husband proposed).

How Kellee Knew Route Was a Fit

Hands down—the people. 

My first contact with Steph, we clicked. We aligned on a lot of values and interests when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the work place. Being a woman, I have had some negative experiences in the past, and I wanted to make sure Route cared as much as I did about diversity, inclusion, and culture. 

The second person that made me want to work at Route more than anything is Matt Evans (a member of customer success). He honestly cares so much about people, and he has been an amazing support for me both personally and professionally. I always tell everyone that I want to be like Matt Evans when I grow up! Wherever he works, I want to work there from here on out.  

Next is my team. I was so worried about leaving my team at my previous company because I had made lifelong friends. But as soon as I started at Route, the CSMs (just a team of three at that time) made me feel so welcome and valued, and we all became friends instantly!

Lastly, I knew because of the amazing vision Every. Single. Person. has here. Route is incredible because we collectively believe in having a solution that will help millions! So many changes have happened since I joined Route a year ago, and every day it keeps getting better and the vision just gets stronger!

Route’s Impact on Kellee’s Career

I have been able to grow immensely in my career! I came on to Route at a time that I was able to put many processes into place and help build out a lot of structure for the CS team. I have learned to push myself and do things I didn’t know I could—thanks to the support from my leadership and team!

Kellee’s Favorite Project at Route

Everything!! Any project I can get my hands on, I will be involved!

I think one of my favorite things I have been able to work on is the new hire onboarding process for CSMs. I worked on this over the last 11 months, and it has been so fun to see our team grow from three to 15 while going through the trainings and processes I created!

Another project, so to speak, that I am super excited is that I was chosen to be on the culture committee here at Route. It is pretty new still, and things are just getting rolled out, but there are some amazing things coming and I can’t wait to see what comes from it!

So, What Do You Really Feel About Your Team?

They are my family! I love them all so much and admire every one of them!

Kellee’s Biggest Challenge (and How She Faces It)

To stop working at the end of the day! There is always so much to do and ideas I want to bring to fruition, but I know it is important to have work/life balance and my family plays a huge part in helping me do that!

How’s the Culture at Route?


Passion, I would say, is a Route value that I embody. I care a lot about the merchants I work with, I would do anything for my teammates, and I would help any department with any project if it meant making Route better!

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