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Route Shout-out: Cyntia Vila Nova

Mar 10, 2021

Today, We Celebrate Cyntia!

We spend a lot of time at Route embodying what we put out into the world. We believe in brands brave enough to disrupt the status quo or go head-to-head with behemoths. We believe that big dreams are very possible. We believe in being authentic and kind. One person who helps us realize these values is our very own Cyntia Vila Nova!

Cyntia’s a mid-market customer success manager here at Route, which means some of you may have gotten to chat with her (lucky you!). The brands that use Route are important not just to us, but to customers all over the world, and nobody knows that like Cyntia. See what she’s all about, why caring for customers is part of her life, and more in this Route Shout-out.

Meet Cyntia!

I am from Brazil and moved to Utah in 2001 to get a Masters Degree at BYU. I have an 11-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old Maltipoo who make me smile and feel loved. I love to dance, to travel, to enjoy the outdoors, to make sure people around me have reasons to smile and feel loved.

Fun fact, I was made in Portugal and even lived there from ages 11–15. I learned English and French while in Portugal, mais je ne parle plus français.

(We translated that to “but I don’t speak French anymore.” Which is good, because we never spoke French.)

Another fun fact, while in Portugal I played in the boy’s waterpolo team and later introduced that sport to a club I also swam for in Recife, where I am from, and later to the university I enrolled. It’s my favorite sport, for sure! If I could do anything in the world I would devote my life to the rescue of human trafficking victims. There are a couple of organizations I work with and volunteer for that do this amazing work.

What Drew You to Route?

I noticed my LinkedIn feed full of happy posts from people who work at Route. These individuals talked about feeling heard, feeling they were being part of something big and important, and feeling that they were contributing and being rewarded for their skills and efforts. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

What Was the Tipping Point to Coming on Board?

CULTURE for sure! I do believe that when management makes an effort to create a great culture where people feel they belong and what they are doing is important, success will follow. Check out the book “Happiness Advantage,” it talks a lot about how we are more productive when we are happy.

Happiness in the workplace comes from a great culture and Route has it. I had actually applied earlier last year and didn’t hear back, but I didn’t let that discourage me! I used the power of visualization and positivity to attract this job. ☺️ I would have conversations with myself about this great company I was working for, how awesome my team was, and what I did and how happy I was. That place was Route and it worked—here I am!

What’s Been the Biggest Surprise?

To be honest it was surprising to see that Route’s founders are so hands-on and treat us with respect. I was used to owners/founders/CEOs that talk about numbers and money, money and numbers, and that’s all. It’s like people don’t matter if the targets aren’t met—don’t get me wrong, I understand this is a business and metrics are important. On the other hand, it’s refreshing to see that the founders are in the office working alongside us, hearing us, motivating us, and not just roasting when things don’t go well.

Has Route Helped Your Career Vision?

A humongous YES! Being at Route has made me feel that I matter again, that my skills are appreciated, and that I can improve on them with the help of my team and leaders. My leaders genuinely care about me as a person and are patient and motivating as I develop. That’s an incredible feeling.

What’s Been Your Favorite Project?

There hasn’t been one specific project yet, as we are all in different projects in the CSM team. I have joined the Women’s Network ERG and am excited about it! It’s super important and timely that Route is giving us space to recognize minorities in the workplace while motivating conversations that will lead to growth and career development. 

What’s Your Team Bond Like?

My team is so many things—open, fun, cooperative, helpful, motivating, engaging, supportive, friendly, and LOVELY!

How Do You Face Your Challenges?

For me, the most challenging part was my own impatience with myself when I started. I wish I could just wake up on Day One knowing everything there is to know about Route and the ecommerce industry. It comes with time and I do feel comfortable in my skills as I continue to learn and grow. There is definitely a challenge in being in a company that is learning as it grows, and I face that with excitement knowing that we are bettering our product to continue ahead in this industry.

What’s the Culture at Route?

A place where we are all important players, our opinions matter, and our skills are appreciated!

Passion is for sure a Route value that resonates with me! I am a very passionate person (not sure if it’s the Brazilian or the Gemini in me, or BOTH). I love that my leaders motivate me to live my passions and share them with those in the team. I do believe that we as humans are more likely to give it our all and our best when we are passionate about what we do and those we spend time with.

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