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Route Shout-out: Brad Pearson

Apr 22, 2021

A Well-deserved Shout

Route has grown to a headcount in the hundreds this past year or so, which means we have a lot of folks we want to recognize for days (and years!) to come. Brad is one of those people who’s been showing his strengths and spearheading growth for a while now, so it’s about time we dished out a shout-out.

As the manager of sales and business development, Brad Pearson helps keep this company tickin’. Where would we be without Brad? We don’t know, and we don’t really want to know. What we do know is that we’re stoked to have him on board. This shout-out is for you, Brad!

From West to Midwest, Brad’s Life Is Best

I’m a Utah native who transplanted to the midwest when I was 6 years old all the way through high school graduation. Living in Ohio taught me how to keep myself entertained without the need for any help from mountains, beaches, or big city events. I was an avid roller hockey player and Razor scooter rider.

It wasn’t until I came back to Utah for college that I discovered my true passion for mountain biking (and tech sales, of course). My wife, Michelle, and I have five beautiful children who keep us extremely busy, but it is a lot of fun. Fun fact: We were only planning on having four kids, and then we got the shock of a lifetime when we found out that we were having identical twin girls as our caboose. Luckily, they are just about the cutest creatures that have ever set foot on this earth.

What Drew You to Route?

I heard about Route from a few friends back in early 2019, and I thought it sounded like a really awesome idea. Then my cousin Nick Lloyd and a few of my friends from Canopy ended up getting on board. By 2020, I couldn’t ignore my desire to work on such an awesome product anymore and I put in my resume!

What Was the Tipping Point to Coming on Board?

After falling in love with the product, I had a bunch of conversations with insiders to make sure that this was the real deal. Everyone that I spoke to said the same things, great people, great leadership, and a product that truly sells itself. When I found out that our services are free to the sites we partner with, I couldn’t say no.

What’s Been the Biggest Surprise?

I would say that the biggest surprise has been how willing EVERYONE in the company is to help out. Every person here is clearly on the same mission and rowing in the same direction, which is super refreshing.

Has Route Helped Your Career Vision?

I have been in tech sales for over 10 years now, but the leadership team here has still helped me to learn new skills and become a better leader. The balance of accountability and autonomy has pushed me in the best way possible.

What’s Your Team Like?

I would describe all of the members of my team as friends with mutual respect for each other. We have a great time together and give each other a hard time, but at the end of the day I can trust them to hit their goals, and they can trust me to give them all the support that they need to get there.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges (and How Do You Face ‘Em)?

The most challenging part of my role is keeping up with the constant evolution that is happening. Moving at “Route speed” is no joke, but I love it. New hires, product updates, and ideas from the team all keep me on my toes. It is critical for me to collaborate with other teams so that I can stay on top of the changes and plan ahead for communication and action.

How’s the Culture at the Co?

I would describe the culture as one where everyone pushes each other to do their best, but at the same time is willing to provide whatever help they can. Our employees are super interested in getting to know each other, so forming relationships has been a breeze.
Team over ego is a big value here. I have seen so many examples of Route employees dropping all pride to provide the help that someone needs. Whether this is for the good of the client that they are working with or just for the betterment of that coworker, it doesn’t seem to matter. I love seeing this!

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