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Route Shout-out: Manuela Bajrektarevic

Oct 15, 2020

Say “Hey!” to Manuela!

There’s a lot of hustle around Route these days, but we’re learning to take a break and smell the roses once in a while. And by “smell the roses,” we mean recognize members of the team who pour their passion into their goals. 

They bring bright ideas, positive attitudes, and we’d be lying if we said they didn’t make this whole place better. Let’s get to know the folks who make Route a reality. 

This Route shout-out goes to the one, the only, Manuela Bajrektarevic!

Who Is Manuela? Let’s Find Out!

Originally, I am from Bosnia! I moved here about 23 years ago with my family. I just had a baby boy in June, who is the chunkiest, sweetest baby! I used to tell my husband when we got married, “I could never love anything more than I love you!” Now, I’m like “😂 yeah, I love our kid a million times more than I love you.”

We love swimming, boating, stroller rides, so we’ll have to see what winter brings us this year with a new baby! 

What About Route Caught Your Eye?

Steph is a great recruiter, let me tell you that. I wasn’t even looking for a new job when she reached out to me, and what most attracted me to the opportunity was two things:

#1. The people. Just by talking to Charlie (our CRO), Evan (our founder), and Steph, I knew this company was going to take off!

#2. The product. It’s something I use every day that makes my life easier, and makes selling something you’re passionate about much easier. 

The Tipping Point to Come on Board?

Everyone is so passionate about what they’re doing, and in learning about where this company is aiming to be in 5 years, I knew I had to be a part of it.

Surprise, Surprise! What Manuela Didn’t See Comin’

I think when you start a new job, you are always a little worried about not getting along with the people like you did at your last job, but what surprised me most is how much I LOVE all the people we work with in EVERY department.

Everyone is on board with Route and where we can take this company, and it makes interactions so much more exciting. 

How Route Has Helped Further Manuela’s Career

Route has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to grow in my role immensely! From difficult conversations with customers to conversations regarding my future, it’s been such a growing year for me! 

Manuela’s Favorite Project (So Far 😉)

Enterprise deals! Working larger, more complex deals has been so fun for me! I have learned a lot in the ones I’ve done that will help me land the next ones! Our leadership team is second to none, and they all provide such great feedback and input to not only help you get the deal across but to grow in your role at the same time.

What’s Your Team Like?

I LOVE MY TEAM! They are some of my best friends now! OG Apparel for life. (We’re not sure what that means, but the camaraderie is strong.)

How Manuela Tackles Her Challenges

I think the most challenging part of any sales role is two-fold. First, keep your head up when deals don’t go through. And second, don’t get too excited until the deal is done.

Simply put, face challenges head on, then keep your head down and keep grinding!

What’s up with Route’s Culture?

I don’t think you can describe the culture at Route, I think it’s something you feel and see when you are a part of it. 

I’ve never worked with so many people who are so motivated to help you in any way, and genuinely care about you. Evan and Mike have set such a great foundation of our culture and I can’t wait to continue to see it grow! 

(Especially because I am in the Culture Committee! EXCITING things are coming!!)

How Do Route’s Values Align With You? 

Route’s values resonate with me  because they are all a part of what makes Route great. Passion for our product and customers is HUGE, since I can’t sell something I’m not passionate about. 

Authenticity is being real, and celebrating is what shows we care. Celebrating the small wins eventually leads to the big wins! And team over ego is something we live in the Apparel team. 

I learn best when learning from failures or learning from others, so being open to receive feedback, coaching moments, etc. from my team is always welcome!

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