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How Route Keeps Customers Happy at Vape Vet Store

Mar 8, 2021

Thousands of merchants use Route every day. They count on Route to offer package protection to customers, approve claims as they roll in, and engage with customers to create a better overall brand experience. From pints of ice cream to hip can koozies to the finest athleisure this side of the Mississippi, a lot of industries come through Route’s radar—including the budding world of vaping.

Vape Vet Store is an easy-to-use online vape shop that is constantly adding and shipping products—be it full vape pen devices, vape parts, or even large, fragile glassware. As we’ve all seen, sometimes carriers don’t treat packages as gently as they could, which doesn’t bode well for delicate goods. 

While Vape Vet Store doesn’t see an overwhelming number of lost or stolen packages, the reality is that 93% of consumers still want proactive shipping and delivery updates so they can keep their eyes on the prize (and peace of mind) until it’s safe at their home. From the fragility of the items purchased to how busy the delivery address is, it’s not tough to imagine how something could get lost or swiped, which partially accounts for this change in customer expectations. 

Fortunately, Vape Vet Store found Route at the right time. When seeking out an easy, low-cost solution to guarantee the safe arrival of anything their customers order. No longer do folks have to sweat a thief stealing their latest purchase or worry about a new vape pen getting lost in the mail. See how Vape Vet Store uses the post-purchase platform Route to ensure customers get their goods for the best experience possible.

Online Vape Shops Benefit from Increased Protection

Route is perfect for online vape shops like Vape Vet Store because it offers completely inclusive protection that costs very little for customers to add on—often as low as one buck. The ability to give shoppers the choice to protect their purchase is paramount, and they love it. 

The anxiety that customers take on between hitting “Buy” at checkout and physically holding the package in their arms is real, which means there’s a huge opportunity for online stores to stand out with a better experience by taking the edge off the “in-transit” period. 

Vape shop customers benefit from the low price of incredible peace of mind, but the store itself has also seen benefits from being insured with any package that comes with Route. The fine folks at Vape Vet Store shared some of the cornerstone benefits they’ve seen when using Route to protect customer packages:

Lost Items Are Automatically Replaced

As our postal system and private carriers face unprecedented package volume, lost items are becoming increasingly more common. The influx of online purchases from daily essentials to pharmaceuticals to everything else people need to get through this pandemic has caused an overwhelming amount of packages being sent, leading to an increase in packages that simply fall through the cracks. Route covers the full cost of any vape shop package that has been lost and can even automatically reorder a replacement so that there’s little disruption to delivery timelines and customer needs.

The Woes of Package Theft Are Alleviated

Porch pirates and stolen items, especially around holidays and in busy metros, are a chronic problem that’s unlikely to go away anytime soon. With pandemic-level online shopping predicted to continue even as life returns to normal, porches are going to be stacked with more packages than ever well into the future. And even if the fault lies with the devious thief, the only reputation that’ll be damaged is the brand’s. 

Route covers the cost of stolen items, all the customer has to do is file a police report. Even if vape shop items weren’t technically stolen and were simply shipped to the wrong address, Route will replace the item as though it were stolen (since it’s impossible to tell the difference from the perspective of the consumer).  

Damaged Vape Wares Won’t Cause Distress

Most of us have received an item that was damaged through shipping. Luckily for Vape Vet Store and their more fragile goods, Route offers protection for damaged items that arrive looking like they’ve been punted the entire last mile to the doorstep. 

This is a particular benefit while buying from a vape shop since large, fragile glass pipes can be easily broken even if they were packaged correctly. Route does require evidence of damage, so it’s up to customers to provide a quick pic of what’s busted, but everything that’s deemed definitely damaged in transit gets a fast refund so that customers stay happy and shopping for more.

“We absolutely love Route. It doesn’t cost us anything to offer to our customers, and our customers’ orders can be insured for a buck. Really is a win-win. And fortunately, our customers usually don’t have to make a claim and use Route protection. We go the extra mile with carefully packaged fragile products and we also provide tracking so you can follow from purchase through delivery. But, just in case there is an uncommon mishap during shipping, Route takes care of it, so no-risk online vape shopping is here.”
— Vape Vet Store

Keep Customer Experiences from Going up in Smoke

For customers, having the Route app as one place to head to is a simple, straightforward process when making a claim on a lost, stolen, or damaged package. Instead of fighting and arguing with shipping companies, customers can provide information to Route for quick, easy refunds or shipping replacements. 

With a better post-purchase experience instead of one that sours the brand, customer trust and loyalty only grows. “For us, it’s been an incredible service,” says Vape Vet Store. “We no longer have to try to manage shipping problems that customers are experiencing, nor do we have to negotiate refunds or reorders ourselves. Route has saved our customers and us time and money, and we’re happy to continue partnering with them.” 

No matter what audience you’re making goods for, your customers deserve a post-experience they can count on. Using Route to protect against wrenches being tossed into good vibes and vapes gives any store a chance to build loyalty, win more repeat purchases, and stand apart from the competition with a memorable and simple experience for both customer and merchant. Keep the good times rollin’ far past checkout with Route. 

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