Deliver a better customer experience, for free.

Route empowers your brand with a premium post-purchase shopping experience that includes real-time updates, visual order tracking, package protection, and effortless claim filing. 


Avg shopping cart conversion 

rate increase


Avg reduction in lost revenue from returns & refunds


Avg reduction in customer service costs


Would pay $0.98 

to protect an order up to $100*

Works with all e-commerce platforms, including custom-built stores

"We have definitely noticed a higher conversion rate on our site since using the Route app. Over 70% of our customers opt for the insurance, which increases their confidence in our business."

"Route has been a game-changer. There is nothing worse than receiving complaints about damaged products and Route has lifted that off or our shoulders."

When the inevitable happens, Route gives customers an easy way to buy the same item again, instead of you losing a sale.

Turn refunds into sales

Cart abandonment leaves big revenue on the table. Route can improve cart conversion rates by an average of 8-12%.

Boost conversion rates

say they are concerned with the rise in porch piracy incidents  


say online retailers aren't doing enough to prevent package thefts  


would pay more for an item if the company offered theft insurance  


avoid buying certain items online due to theft concerns


Source: Shorr Packaging Corp, "Package Theft Report: Porch Pirates, Purchase Habits, and Privacy" (2017)

Porch piracy by the numbers

So, how does it work?







We integrate with all major platforms, and can integrate seamlessly with custom stores. Most merchants are live within a few hours.

Customers will see a small option to select Route on the shopping cart page, and can choose to protect their order, or skip it.

Measure conversion rates, coverage and success on your dashboard. Customers and CS teams can easily file claims.



Customers can enjoy peace of mind, visual tracking, proactive delivery updates and greater loyalty to the brands they love.




Customers can choose to buy coverage of $0.98, or 1% of order value over $100.

What does it cost?

"I ran a number of AB tests with Route and it performed better than any other conversion tool I have. Route brings so much value, it's hard to believe it is free." 

"Cart abandonment rate went from 46% down to 26%. Easy as that! They are also very easy to reach when I have questions." 

"After hearing of other merchants' success with Route, we gave it a shot. We saw a significant increase in conversion in the first few days. Now I can't imagine taking it off my store." 

"I love how Route is free for merchants and gives peace of mind to our customers during checkout." 

"It increased my conversion rate immensely. Incredible service. Nearly every customer snags Route shipping insurance on their way to check-out, and it gives me and them peace of mind."

4.9 / 5.0

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* Survey to 1,500+ customers and Instagram followers, conducted May 2019. Anonymous company in the women's apparel category. Results may vary.