WithCo X Route

WithCo adds flavor to the post-purchase experience with Route

  • 500+

    packages tracked in the app in 2021

  • 80%

    less time spent on customer inquiries

  • 100%

    customer satisfaction score


WithCo creates a collection of exciting cocktail mixes that focus on fresh, natural ingredients. The flavorful drinks are the perfect way to bring people together and create a sense of community even through difficult times.

During the pandemic, Withco went out of its way to help customers find community with virtual toasts and tips on how to quarantine with company. Throughout the process, customers’ needs guided the team’s strategy. “We couldn’t afford to sit around and wait for events to start happening again, so we did what it took to meet people where they were—at home,” explains Joshua Ellis, founder of WithCo Cocktails.

Business growth leads to time-consuming inquiries.

Reshaping the conversation around drinking and togetherness struck a chord with many, and WithCo saw sales skyrocket. With that new success came a corresponding increase in customer service inquiries. “We didn’t have a lot of formal processes in place for dealing with customer inquiries when our growth spurt hit. In general, we tended to be more reactive than proactive in responding to customer inquiries,” recalls Nicole Ellis, WithCo’s Director of Sales. When customers reported lost, stolen, or damaged items, the team had to work with carriers to get reimbursements. “We spent a lot of time calling carriers, which became pretty time-consuming. All in all, we were spending multiple hours a week on solving issues.” As a fast-growing company, WithCo’s team needed a way to quickly deal with rising customer issues in a scalable way.

“My advice to other merchants considering adopting Route is to do it, just do it. It’s super easy to use Route. It is going to elevate your experience and your customers will love it. It is very user-friendly.”

Nicole Ellis

Director of Sales at WithCo

Route helps WithCo maintain brand excellence.

WithCo uses Route to give its customers a seamless, proactive customer experience every step of the way. As a company, WithCo prides itself on fostering relationships and making issues right. 

The hours Nicole would spend communicating with customers and carriers trying to locate and refund packages is replaced by Route’s seamless, proactive communications.

As business started expanding, Route was a perfect partner for scaling customer service. “Our business started excelling and Route offered exactly what we needed, helping us put processes into place and empowering our customers to feel supported,” says Nicole.

Before Route

  • 5+ emails and hours of time to resolve customer inquiries. 
  • WithCo carried the costs of replacing missing, damaged, or stolen packages out of pocket.
  • Getting reimbursements from carriers requires hours of back-and-forth communication, and often leads to a dead end.

After Route

  • 80% decrease in time spent by WithCo on customer issues, achieving a customer satisfaction score of 100%. 
  • WithCo recovers revenue for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Self-resolve issues are possible through Route with seamless, instant reimbursements.

“Our customers are everything to us, we consider them to be our friends and family. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.”

As a brand that’s fanatical about providing excellent service, choosing a partner that would help support its mission was essential. “Our customers are everything to us, we consider them to be our friends and family. We wouldn’t be where we are without them,” Nicole explains. Route has helped WithCo elevate the customer journey with a 100 CSAT score. Customers are delighted saying, “Thank you so much for making this right, and for us, it’s so easy, everything I could have asked for, done promptly.”  

With Route stepping in to help handle problem-solving claims, Nicole is able to train new members of the team and transition into sales, allowing WithCo to continue scaling while providing excellent customer care.

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