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With a revolutionary product and unmatched support, SHEFIT® is empowering women around the world to be confident and active in bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Industry: Athletic Wear
Platform: Shopify Plus
Employees: 60+
Michigan, USA



In a world that too often sets unrealistic beauty and lifestyle standards for women, SHEFIT® is changing the game by empowering women to embrace their bodies and break a sweat doing what they love. With athletic wear that makes any movement possible for any body, SHEFIT® is on a mission to eliminate physical and emotional barriers and ensure that women and girls get the support and fit they deserve.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, SHEFIT® – a long-time Route partner – saw their order volume hit an all-time high. As a result, their team had to find a way to still offer customers a friendly, supportive, and memorable experience while also addressing a sizable increase in orders and customer inquiries. These challenges pushed the team to double down on their innovation, values, and customer experience. SHEFIT® was determined to still be there for their customers every step of the way, and they were glad to have Route as an essential support.


SHEFIT® mitigates growing pains with tracking and package protection.

Pre-Route, and as order volumes steadily increased, a nimble team of six people quickly became buried in an influx of package status inquiries, replacing lost products, processing returns, and fraud concerns. 

Melissa Dusendang, the Director of Customer Experience, recounts: “Our team was spending abnormal amounts of time tracking packages, calling post offices, and replacing a very large amount of lost or stolen packages.” The SHEFIT® team was receiving 3,000 tickets a day, 30% of which were customers inquiring about the whereabouts of their package. These tickets took an average 3-5 days to resolve, even longer when a reorder, refund, or return was needed. Catching up and returning to usual 24 hour resolution and shipment times on their own, especially after peak season, felt nigh impossible.


“I can’t highlight just one thing about Route! If anything, we know there are crazy seasons where packages go missing, but I had full confidence that even when the going was tough, SHEFIT® was in good hands with Route. I don’t have to add headcount to my staff during busy times because I can rely on Route, and I know our business is secure.”

Melissa Dusendang
Director of Customer Experience at SHEFIT®


SHEFIT® elevates the customer experience with Route partnership.

Combined with “personalized customer service at every point of contact,” SHEFIT® was thrilled that customers turned to the Route App to track their orders. With 13k customers in the app, and over 16.5k orders tracked and counting, SHEFIT® customers are busting the pains of shipping complications by redirecting where is my order?  inquiries to the app, which has eliminated over 50% of all emails sent to the SHEFIT® team.

SHEFIT® was now also unencumbered by replacing lost, stolen, or damaged packages. “Route accepted the responsibility and took great care of our customers so the SHEFIT® staff and customers did not have to invest additional time and resources to investigate lost, stolen, or damaged packages. This allowed more time to focus on customers who needed help with other questions, such as size recommendations.”

With the team’s newfound time, energy, and resources, even during crazy shopping seasons and global pandemic closures, they were able to save and redirect time, money, and energy into further innovating the customer experience. Their team was able to build and launch one-on-one Zoom fitting consultations dedicated to helping women find that perfect, supportive bra. With only an at-home measuring tape, or their recently purchased SHEFIT® bra, customers became truly supported through every step of the SHEFIT® journey.

Before Route

  • It took 3-5 days to process a backlog of 3,000 tickets per month.


  • Team spent the majority of their bandwidth replacing lost, stolen, or damaged packages


  • 1,500 monthly where is my order emails from customers


  • Hired 6 additional employees to help cover peak seasons

After Route

  • It took 3-5 days to process a backlog of 20,000 tickets per month.


  • Current team of 14 has bandwidth to focus on growing our product, brand, and related initiatives


  • 16,500 orders tracked in the Route App, reducing customer emails by half


  • Dealt with 566% increase in tickets during peak holiday season with no added support


“By baking Route into the experience, we eliminated half of the incoming customer inquiries concerning lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise.”

“By baking Route into the experience, we eliminated half of the incoming customer inquiries concerning lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise.”

Thanks to Route, SHEFIT® was granted the peace of mind that comes with visual tracking, protected packages, and fast issue resolution. Their customers, in turn, also benefited from the comfort of receiving real-time order status updates through the App and knowing their products are padded with protection. With Route’s help, the SHEFIT® team was able to save time, money, and energy to expand efforts, facilitate virtual fittings, and provide a perfectly supportive product with unparalleled, world-class customer experience.

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