Nomatic X Route

Nomatic helps customers travel further with Route

  • 3k+

    Orders protected by Route

  • 31.4%

    Profile click-through rate

  • 15%

    Decrease in customer inquiries


Nomatic’s beginnings are rooted in a disruptive Kickstarter launch of innovative travel bags, accessories, and wallets. Today, Nomatic continues to make a name for itself in the travel community as a leader in functional, fashionable, and efficient ways to pack your on-the-go lifestyle. With more products than ever before, and big name collaborations such as Peter McKinnon, Nomatic shows no signs of slowing down.

Non-traditional shipping issues lead to decreased revenue.

A booming business means more orders, more to ship, and more problems with lost, stolen, and damaged items. Pre-Route, Nomatic’s customer service team was handling around 200 emails a day, stretching the lean group to capacity. The process for reviewing, communicating, and finding a resolution was cumbersome. Each inquiry took several minutes of back-and-forth with customers— longer if communication with the carrier was involved—and this cost Nomatic substantial time and money if a refund or replacement was needed.

Although Nomatic’s customer service went above and beyond to resolve issues, stressful and inefficient carrier claims simply weren’t scalable. After a frustrating carrier experience, one Nomatic customer even made a game-changing suggestion: “5 stars for Customer Service, 0 for FedEx for losing my package, then not doing anything about it. You should definitely consider adding the Route service.” And adding Route is just what the team at Nomatic did.

“Route helps reduce costs, time, and overhead by absorbing lost and damaged package costs. Most brands want to offer peace of mind, and Route offers that.”

Russell Steed

Online Revenue and Marketing Manager at Nomatic

Nomatic customers feel safer and happier with Route.

In the face of rising shipping inquiries and replacement costs, Nomatic recognized the need to bring on a package protection partner. “We came to Route because it was the best offering out there. It doesn’t cost anything, and it offers the best protection for our customers,” Russell Steed, Online Revenue and Marketing Manager for Nomatic explains.

Nomatic utilizes Route’s Track feature to update shipping details in real time and communicate proactively with customers. “Route has provided a much better customer experience,” said Russell. “It allows us to send notifications for multiple shipping statuses, including when packages are in-transit and delivered.” 

With the new ability to proactively redirect shipping questions to Route, Nomatic’s team had more time to address other inquiries and tackle its backlog without needing to hire more customer support employees.

Before Route

  • Replaced or refunded packages out of pocket, creating revenue losses.
  • Confusing or delayed customer notifications through the carriers.
  • Hundreds of emails a day, each taking several minutes of research and back-and-forth chatting.

After Route

  • Protected packages are covered by Route, protecting more than $3k in orders.
  • Route proactively notifies customers of order status via app, SMS, or email notifications.
  • Customers work directly with Route for order status updates and package issues.

“Our customers appreciate having Route on our website; it consistently shows up very clearly in our reviews.”

Nomatic’s partnership with Route creates a seamless customer journey that makes customers feel valued while saving Nomatic time and costs. “Our customers appreciate having Route on our website; it consistently shows up very clearly in our reviews.” Russell mentions. One customer wrote, “I am very impressed with the Customer Service at Nomatic. UPS lost my package and the claim process through Route was very simple, straightforward, and fast.” Happy customers means Nomatic is able to continue making functional, on-the-go bags for an increasingly loyal fan base. 

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