LAUDE the Label sustainably empowers customers with Route
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Decrease in customer inquiries


Customer satisfaction score


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LAUDE the Label is a fashion brand that sells sustainable, ethical goods from artisans all around the globe.

Industry: Apparel and Fashion
Platform: WooCommerce
Employees: 5

Fort Worth, TX



LAUDE the Label is an ethical clothing brand with a focus on encouraging more humane practices in the fashion industry. With deep experience in fashion, Carly Burson, established LAUDE with passion to advocate for communities impoverished by unethical industry practices and create a space where environmental consciousness and holistic employment are valued.

Making a sustainable impact in a long-standing industry is no easy feat, but Carly and her small female-led team continue to make large strides. With every step, LAUDE gets closer toward their vision of honoring the earth and maker, equal to the consumer.


Customers expect reliable tracking information, and quick shipping fixes.

As a small team trying to grow a business, customer experience initiatives were largely trumped by keeping up with growing questions about the status of a customer’s order. While LAUDE’s support team was also trying to juggle managing the website, monitoring social media, and speaking to customers, much of their time was spent answering basic “where is my order” and tracking questions that had to be manually investigated and answered.

“Before Route, I would manually go into our shipping service, look up the tracking information, and let the customer know when it was estimated to arrive or if it had been marked as delivered. If the package couldn’t be located, we would ask the customer to look around, check with their neighbors and the carrier – sometimes file a claim – and eventually issue a refund.” says Claire Williams, Brand Experience Senior Associate. “The back and forth lead to increased dissatisfaction for our customers.”


“Route has helped increase customer satisfaction while decreasing the amount of time we spend on customer inquiries. From a customer perspective, it’s been great to quickly solve issues themselves instead of consulting someone else. For us, it’s been a huge time saver. Definitely, a win-win!”

Claire Williams
Brand Experience Senior Associate at LAUDE the Label


Easy-to-use package tracking keeps customers informed throughout the buying process

Route and LAUDE the Label seamlessly work together to empower customers with the tools necessary make the most of their buying experience. Instead of dealing with constant customer inquiries about shipping updates and issues, the team now had a sustainable solution that allows customers to track orders and resolve issues quickly and simply.

LAUDE the Label can now direct customers directly to the Route app for a quick, easy resolution to their most pressing questions. “The best part of Route is seeing the decrease in the number of customers reaching out to us directly,” notes Williams. “In the event that there’s an issue, they can report it directly in the app for a fast resolution.” The impact of Route’s Track and Protect feature have helped the LAUDE team see a 90% decrease in customer inquiries while maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction score.

Before Route

  • A small team was handling a growing  mound of customer inquiries weekly


  • Customer package frustrations were at an all-time high


  • Lost, stolen, and damaged packages were covered out-of-pocket

After Route

  • 90% decrease in customer inquiries for LAUDE’s team


  • 100% customer satisfaction score for LAUDE the Label customers using Route


  • Profit losses on lost, stolen, or damaged products are minimized by Route


“Route has been a really great integration for us."

Route’s support has allowed the LAUDE the Label team to focus more heavily on initiatives that support the brand experience and bring them closer toward reaching their vision of impact of creating a sustainable and humane clothing brand. “Route has been a really great integration for us. With Route, we’ve been able to decrease the amount of customers who reach out and ask where their order is,” adds Williams. “ It’s also helped customers have tracking visibility so they can quickly find their order, pull it up, and get the accurate answers they’re looking for. Overall, the increase in customer satisfaction has been really rewarding ”

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