Laki Active X Route

Laki Active strengthens the buying experience with Route

  • $1.6k

    covered by Route for protected orders

  • 98%

    reduction in time spent on filing order issues

  • 100%

    customer satisfaction score


Launched in 2019, Laki Active was founded by Ty and Tasha Coy – a dynamic couple duo with a passion for fitness and a dream for the future of athletic apparel. “We found ourselves wanting better activewear options: essential pieces that were high-quality, stylish, and reasonable.” recalls Ty Coy, Co-Founder and Owner of Laki Active. “When you feel good in your athletic wear, you’ll feel more comfortable taking the steps you want toward a healthier lifestyle. We created Laki Active to help support that journey for everyone!”

In today’s e-commerce world, customer expectations are at an all-time high.

Building a successful brand is no easy feat, especially in light of high customer expectations in a growing e-commerce world. As a small business, Ty and Tasha wore many hats, leaving little extra time for inefficient or difficult processes. “When our business launched, we quickly realized there were certain portions of the buying experience we hadn’t accounted for, such as lost packages and customer inquiries”.

Pre-Route, Laki’s small team was receiving multiple emails per week regarding lost orders. The majority of these customer inquiries ultimately resulted in Laki covering a refund or replacement, and the resolution process was tedious and time-consuming. Each order issue required up to three hours of back-and-forth with the customer and the carrier — even longer if waiting on more information or a final decision on a lost package claim. “After hours of work, the carrier would give us a claim number, but there was no practical way to follow-up,” Ty recounts. “So you would just have to wait and hope the claim was ultimately approved. Even customer inquiries such as ‘where is my tracking number” would take some research and time away from other responsibilities.” Laki’s team quickly knew they needed a smart solution.

“With Route, we have much greater transparency and control over every part of the buying experience for our customers, especially package tracking and protection. Customers have felt a positive impact, too, and are constantly telling us how grateful they are for the peace of mind and convenience Route brings.”

Ty Coy

Co-Founder and Owner of Laki Active

Route connects the buying experience, so you can offer peace of mind and quick solutions to customers.

“One day I was chatting with a good friend about Laki’s pain points, and he immediately said: You have to try Route!” recalls Ty. “Route’s visual tracking and easy order issue reporting were total answers to the challenges we were facing”.

With Route, Laki Active’s team has greater transparency and control over every part of the buying experience for their customers, especially tracking and order issues. ”Route has definitely helped provide a better buying experience for our customers! Customers enjoy purchasing from us because they know that they’re covered if anything goes wrong,” Ty notes.

Now, if a package is lost, stolen, or damaged, Route handles replacements or refunds on protected orders – freeing up both time and money for Laki to spend elsewhere. “Where is my tracking number” questions and order issues are answered through app updates or – if more investigation is needed – handled directly by the Route team for a speedy resolution. 

Route helped Laki largely reduce customer inquiry volume, providing enough support so Laki hasn’t needed to open a customer support-focused role. Even though Laki’s customer base has grown 5-10x since partnering with Route, their team still only receives 1-3 customer inquiries per week that can easily be redirected to Route within 5 minutes.

Before Route

  • Up to 3 hours spent resolving customer issues with carriers
  • Handled all replacements and refunds for lost, stolen, or damaged packages out-of-pocket
  • Wait up to a few days for order issue resolution, with little-to-no communication
  • In initial days of business, team directly handled multiple customer inquiries per week

After Route

  • Order issues can be filed directly through the Route app within ~5 clicks
  • Protected orders are replaced or refunded by Route in case of lost, stolen, or damaged items
  • Customers work for quick issue resolution, with in-app updates
  • Despite a customer base that has grown 5-10x, Laki only deals with 1-3 customer inquiries

"We and our customers are so grateful to have Route - we love our partnership!”

“The security and peace of mind are easily the biggest advantages.” Ty states. Customers won’t be out money or product if anything happens, and we save on time and funds while maintaining high customer satisfaction. We and our customers are so grateful to have Route – we love our partnership!”

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