Hurom X Route

Hurom uses Route to fuse healthy living with modern technology

  • $24k

    in recovered revenue

  • 86%

    reduction in issue resolution time

  • 80%

    reduction in number of resolution communications


For over four decades, Hurom has promoted healthier lifestyles by creating appliances that help people eat more nutritious whole foods in safe, easy-to-use ways. Founded as a kitchen appliance company in 1974, Hurom has always been a leader in innovative technology and healthy solutions.  

Today, customers all over the world continue to turn to Hurom for high-quality nutrition, technology, and service. It’s no surprise, then, that Hurom would partner with innovative buying technology to empower customers, reduce workload, and protect revenue.

High-value package issues are stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.

Pre-Route, Hurom was becoming inundated with customer inquiries that led to less than ideal customer experiences.  Despite previously partnering with a third party system to track and handle shipping problems, the team soon realized they needed a more efficient solution that could grow alongside their increasing customer base.

At this time, tracking down packages or filing a claim took 5-10 emails per issue, making it difficult to keep track and keep up. This back-and-forth resulted in a backlog of work for Hurom’s team and customers, who were all required to fill out paperwork, answer questions, and wait for answers. Hurom’s team of three was receiving 2-2.5k customer tickets per month, each of which took a week to resolve. Something had to give.

“Customers don’t disassociate shipping from us, so when there’s an issue with a carrier or package, it’s our fault,” recalls Will Grandberg, Director of Operations at Hurom. “We needed a more efficient way to answer frustrated customers wondering where their packages were, and a more economic way to protect our high-quality, pricier products.”

“Route is truly a no-brainer. A low-cost offering that empowers customers throughout the buyer journey, alleviates work from our support team, and protects costs. As we continue to grow, we hope Route will be right there with us every step of the way.”

Will Grandberg

Director of Operations at Hurom

Route’s technology empowers customers, alleviates workload, and protects revenue.

Hurom’s affinity for innovative technology and smart solutions are blended into everything they do, including their decision to partner with Route. “There was a brief period in between using our previous third party service and Route, where we were having to pay to replace lost or stolen product and handle all customer inquiries.” notes Will. “When we sat down and looked at the data of time spent on customers’ missing packages, and the high-price cost of our lost products, we knew we needed a solution”.

With Route, Hurom empowers customers to self-resolve “where is my order” inquiries and process quick resolutions for lost, stolen, and damaged situations. In addition to alleviating customer frustrations, Route creates a seamless logistical process that saves Hurom’s customer support team lots of time and effort. ”The fact that customers can use the app to track and file order issues helps them feel comfortable and happy.” adds Will. “And it saves our support team a ton of time. It’s a win-win for everyone”.

In terms of cost benefits, Route also offers Hurom the ability to provide customer-paid coverage at a low price with high returns. ”With Route protecting our orders, we can offload much of the risk and cost associated with selling higher-end products,” Will states. “Since the Route premium is so economical, customers feel protected at a reasonable price, and we can protect our revenue”.

Before Route

  • 5-10 emails back-and-forth to resolve customer inquiries
  • It took 1 week to resolve customer issues with carriers.
  • $300-$700 spent per order, out-of-pocket, to remedy lost, stolen, or damaged situations

After Route

  • Customers can self-resolve order issues in the Route app within ~5 clicks
  • Route customer support resolves customer issues, reducing issue resolution time by 85%
  • Protected packages are covered by Route in situations of lost, stolen, or damaged orders

"As we continue to grow, we’re hoping Route will be right there with us the whole time."

Now, Hurom looks forward to future growth, innovation, and Route’s continued support with customers, workload, and revenue. “As we continue to grow, we’re hoping Route will be right there with us the whole time,” Will comments. Route is excited to make that vision a reality.

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