House of Intuition X Route

House of Intuition manifests a positive post purchase experience with Route

  • 26%

    Decrease in overall customer inquiries

  • 40%

    Decrease in time spent on customer inquiries

  • 100%

    Customer satisfaction


House of Intuition is a small chain of metaphysical shops that strives to help people live a more empowered life full of healing, transformation, and personal growth. Like many others, founders Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas experienced severe hardships during the market crash of 2007. Desperate for answers and direction, the couple began exploring spirituality through tarot and meditation.

After experiencing profound and positive life changes, the couple founded House of Intuition. “Marlene and I would have pillow talk about how great it would be to provide a space where we could teach people and provide the tools to empower them,” recalls Alex Naranjo, co-founder of House of Intuition. “Three years later, in 2010, that pillow talk became reality.” Today, House of Intuition has grown into nine storefronts in Los Angeles and Miami alongside a thriving online ecommerce business.

Customers blame merchants for in-transit issues.

As a result, the team also saw a drastic increase in shipping complications. One of the most common frustrations involved fragile items being mishandled in transit despite secure packaging. “Before Route, we would have to let customers know we weren’t responsible for lost or damaged packages, and we directed them to file with the delivery service,” says Rosa Curran, Accounting Manager. “This often resulted in a poor customer experience when the delivery services were slow or ineffective. But as a business, leaning on the carrier’s processes allowed us to offset overhead costs for new orders.” 

On top of an increase in damaged items, order delays were also at an all-time high. “Everything was delayed—it was such a pain,” Rosa added. “We needed people to be patient, but this was certainly a frustrating experience for everyone involved.”

“Route is a saving grace for us and our customers! Their team handles and processes claims quickly, and our customers are happier with such a top-notch customer experience, even during busy times.”

Rosa Curran

Accounting Manager at House of Intuition

A comprehensive buying solution revitalizes customers' buying experience.

As customer inquiries grew and replacement costs increased, Route’s Protect feature was the next best strategic move for House of Intuition. Soon after partnering with Route, their team began seeing significant improvements in time and cost savings as well as an increased customer satisfaction level.

With the partnership, House of Intuition was able to redirect approximately 50 customer inquiries per day to Route and see a noticeable decline in issue resolution time. “Since we aren’t receiving nearly as many customer inquiries or chargeback requests, we’ve seen roughly 40% in overall team time savings,” says Rosa. The extra time savings has allowed House of Intuition to refocus on creating quality products and teaching communities more about the metaphysical world.

Additionally, Route has helped save House of Intuition save more than $15,500 in costs related to damaged or lost items while retaining a 100% customer satisfaction score. “Financially, Route has been a huge help, all while helping us keep a positive relationship with our customers,” Rosa adds.

Before Route

  • A small team handled approximately
  • 50 customer inquiries a day
  • 5-10 minutes to solve a lost or damaged issue
  • Up to four people across teams put in extra hours to support the influx of customer inquiries

After Route

  • Customer inquiries dropped to 10–15 a day, allowing the team to focus on other initiatives
  • 1-5 minutes to redirect customers to Route
  • Workforce returned to one dedicated customer-facing representative

"Route is a must for any company wanting to save on time and overhead costs or increase customer satisfaction"

Route’s support has helped give the House of Intuition team and its customers the peace of mind to know they are covered when unfortunate tracking issues arise. “Downloading Route is a must for any company wanting to save on time and overhead costs or increase customer satisfaction,” says Rosa. “Route definitely gives us and our customers a very worthwhile sense of security.” 

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