Brathwait X Route

Brathwait saves time with Route

  • 30%

    Issues handled by Route

  • 84%

    Users view Brathwait's profile from tracking email

  • 70%

    Reduction in support tickets


Transparency may not be the first word that comes to mind when you’re shopping for a watch, but Brathwait Watches has held fast to its mission since its beginnings in 2014: Bring transparency to modern watchmaking with elegantly designed, premium timepieces that come without the luxury markup. Brathwait eliminates industry shortcuts and cheap solutions with its focus on quality manufacturing and honest pricing.

Claims and inquiries overwhelm a growing business

Giving customers full transparency into watch manufacturing has always been second nature to Brathwait. Handling customer service issues, on the other hand, became more difficult as the brand grew in popularity.

Before long, the support team was spending hours every week on support issues that required multiple customer emails. “Every customer interaction needed manual touches,” Brathwait’s Chief Operating Officer explained. “We had hundreds of tickets a month, a small team, and a lot of manual processes. It was difficult and messy.”

Brathwait was facing a mounting challenge of rising ticket volume and a support group inundated with time-consuming issues. “Our small team was focused only on responding to the customer inquiries, and we needed a way to cut down on contact touches,” their COO said. 

Tasked with implementing new software to help run the company more efficiently, the executive team started looking into options to help alleviate one of Brathwait’s top concerns: The increasing time spent on inquiries and support. 

“Route helped us offload the burden of our support tickets so we could free up our team, and implementing Route as a direct link allowed customers to self-resolve issues. Route has helped us significantly cut down the contacts and tickets received, so we can focus and grow other areas of the business.”

Brathwait watches saves time and finds peace of mind with Route

In addition to freeing up his team, Brathwait has been excited about the power of Route to extend marketing efforts past checkout. “Route helps boost sales and aids in our marketing efforts by helping personalize content and engagement during the post-purchase experience,” Brathwait’s COO explains. 

Before Route

  • Hundreds of support tickets a week
  • Each customer issue required 10 separate emails of back-and-forth communication
  • Inquiries took several minutes per response
  • Manual, time-consuming processes for addressing customer issues

After Route

  • Support ticket volume down 70%
  • Customers work with Route for a ~5-click filing process and quick resolution
  • Support time on each case decreased by 10%
  • More bandwidth and peace of mind for Brathwait to focus on other projects

"Any online company is missing our if they don't use Route. It's an integral part of our company and our customer experience."

With Route, Brathwait’s lean team is finally set up for success with streamlined processes. The biggest highlight of Route is the fact that it’s a solution Brathwait doesn’t need to worry about. “The biggest thing for management in any company is not having to think about a solution, and it just works. With Route, I never have to worry.” With a solution the COO and his team can be confident in, Brathwait is poised to continue rapid expansion and deliver on its promise of transparency to customers every step of the way.

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