Bon Ton Studio curates collections from around the world with Route
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reduction in customer package status inquiries




reduction in customer issue resolution time


Bon Ton Studio is an evolving artisanal collection of wovens, apparel, soft goods, and beautiful designs from all over the world.

Industry: Home & Decor
Platform: Shopify
Employees: 10 employees
Healdsburg, CA



A long-time lover of travel and design, Erika Dawkins founded Bon Ton Studio in Healdsburg, California in 2016. Since then, the brand has evolved into a beautiful collection of chic color palettes, unique pieces, and artistic products that are both practical and sophisticated. 

With a main line of apparel, home, and decor – and an equally beautiful collection of baby apparel and accessories – Bon Ton Studio ‘s curated collections have something for everyone, from all corners of the world.


Juggling a growing business and customer inquiries can easily overwhelm.

Growing a brand is no easy feat, especially when a small team wears multiple hats. Before Route, Bon Ton Studio was balancing multiple projects, in-store initiatives, and customer-facing responsibilities. “We were juggling a lot – from fulfilling online orders, to payroll, to taking out the trash, and placing orders – you name it, we were doing everything to keep Bon Ton going and growing.” recalls Erika Dawkins, Owner of Bon Ton Studio.

The team’s main goals were centered around building out two storefronts – one for each of their main collections. As a result, farmer’s markets, outreach, marketing, and streamlining in-store processes were top of mind. The increasing volume of customer package inquiries from online orders, however, were becoming time-consuming.

“Any customer inquiry – big or small – was taking a lot of effort to handle.” notes Erika. “ Handling these questions could take up to several days of back-and-forth communication, digging, calling, and filing carrier claims. Even once an issue was resolved, our team had to deal with extensive backend work: Cleaning up inventory, noting what went wrong, and figuring out how to avoid similar situations in the future. It was a lot.”


With Route, customers can self-serve with visual tracking updates and simple package protection. I can rest assured that customers are happy, while focusing on growing my business without needing to hire additional customer support. I’ve also loved the community and brand exposure we’ve tapped into through Route. If you’re considering a partnership: Do it!

Erika Dawkins
Owner of Bon Ton Studio


Route allows customers to self-serve, so you can focus on developing your brand.

With their Route partnership, Bon Ton Studio was able to eliminate time-consuming conversations with customers on their orders, refocus on growing their in-store offerings, and tap into a supportive e-commerce network to help boost brand awareness and discovery. “After  Route, we no longer received customer inquiries asking for an order status update, or needing a replacement or refund,” says Erika. “To be able to eliminate those tricky conversations from our day-to-day made our lives easier, and our customers happier. We also haven’t needed to hire any additional customer support, which is amazing.”

Thanks to Route, Bon Ton Studio customers were able to self-serve order status inquiries with visual tracking, and in the case of a lost, stolen, or damaged order, file an order issue within a few clicks. Route boosted customer comfort, satisfaction, and saved their team lots of valuable time and energy. “I definitely put a lot of value on time, and Route has been an amazing, hands-off time-saver.” Erika remarks. “As a business owner who oversee a lot, knowing Route is taking care of our customers, with no follow-up needed from us, is a huge relief for our team.”

Before Route

  • It took up to 8 emails for Bon Ton’s team to resolve a customer issue


  • Up to a few days of back-and-forth between Bon Ton, customer, and/or carrier for resolution


  • Owner and employee admin dealt directly with customer issues

After Route

  • Customers can resolve order issues within the Route app in ~5 clicks


  • Customers work directly with Route to process order resolutions


  • Route handles all customer order inquiries and issues, so Bon Ton can focus on other projects


“Route does an amazing job at humanizing the e-commerce experience, which is so impressive and rare as a tech company."

With Route’s support, Bon Ton was confident  customers were taken care of throughout the entire buying journey, while their team felt similarly supported through the in-Route merchant network and in-app profile. “Route does an amazing job at humanizing the e-commerce experience, which is so impressive and rare as a tech company. From the start, I’ve truly felt Route has supported myself and Bon Ton Studio,” closes Erika. “From the customer care, to being welcomed into a Route community of other brands, to marketing exposure through app, Route has offered very supportive and consistent support to myself and my customers.”

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