Art of Tea X Route

Art of Tea blends tradition and innovation with Route

  • 36%

    reduction in customer inquiries

  • 67%

    reduction in time spent on customer inquiries

  • 100%

    customer satisfaction score


Art of Tea is a leading distributor of organic and specialty teas, offering hand-selected flavors and award-winning blends from around the globe. “We’re here to share the world’s flavors, impact as many lives as we can, and carry on the 5000-year-old tradition of tea in a modern way,” says Steve Schwartz, founder and CEO. Providing high-quality products while balancing a growing business can be tricky, but Art of Tea has held fast to its original mission while innovating every step of the way.

Customers hold Art of Tea responsible when shipping goes wrong.

Art of Tea is no stranger to the stresses of running an ecommerce brand, such as dealing with shipping issues and limited resources. “Before Route, customers were giving us a lot of feedback on shipping pain points—delays, and lost or damaged product—especially during holidays,” recalls Hanna Houglum, Executive Director of Growth & Strategy.

When the team double-clicked on shipping pain points, they found that customers were often blaming Art of Tea for shipping issues. “We want customers to understand that once a package ships, we have no control, but they still hold us responsible. So we still have to take the time to own and fix any issues,” notes Brea, Customer Relations Specialist.

Since customers relied on the team to fix in-transit snags, Art of Tea dealt with a growing stack of customer inquiries. A small support team was handling roughly 50 time-consuming customer inquiries daily and increasing costs spent on replacements or refunds. Managing the steady beat of inquiries just wasn’t scalable. “As a smaller business, we don’t have ample extra funds and time to spend,” says Houglum. “Handling customer inquiries while staying on top of our vision of high-quality products and service can be tricky.”

“Simply put: Route adds value to your entire customer journey. From a simple set-up, to intuitive, branded tracking, to extra protection at a low cost, Route is truly a no-brainer. We love showing customers that even though things may go wrong with a shipment, that Route keeps them informed and covered with modern tracking and reliable protection.”

Hanna Houglum

Executive Director of Growth & Strategy at Art of Tea

Modern package tracking and protection that boost peace of mind and your bottom line.

Route Track and Protect have helped Art of Tea boost peace of mind for both its team and customers. Instead of having to handle large amounts of customer inquiries, dig through lagging carrier updates, and resolve issues, Art of Tea now empowers customers, and its team, with Route.

Now, Art of Tea can direct customers to Route for instant updates and issue resolution. “Route protects us and the customers. It gives our customers the opportunity to own their shipping experience with protection and instant updates that are at their fingertips, with little-to-no cost to our small business,” explains Alexis, Director of Operations.

With Route’s support, the team can now focus more energy on quality assurance, hand-blending their specialty mixes, and providing a world-class personalized customer experience. “Route has reduced our customer inquiries and saved a ton of time,” notes Brea. “Now, we can spend that time personalizing our interactions with customers—handwriting a thank you note, or including a tea sample based on past orders, which all mean a lot for our vision, team, and customers.”

Before Route

  • Customer feedback centered on shipping pain points
  • Inquiries took ~20 minutes of back-and-forth communication with customer and carrier 
  • Replaced missing, damaged, or stolen packages out of pocket

After Route

  • 100% customer satisfaction score for Art of Tea customers using Route
  • Customer inquiries take Art of Tea 67% less time to handle
  • Route covers the cost for missing, damaged, or stolen packages

"We're confident our team coupled with Route really shines, even under added holiday pressures."

Art of Tea’s partnership with Route has enabled the team to give customers accurate answers in the moment, speed up the issue resolution process, and relieve frustration and extra costs. The team is especially excited to see Route in action during peak season. “We’re looking forward to seeing Route in action and helping us solve for the upcoming chaotic holiday season. We’re confident that our team coupled with Route will really shine, even under that added pressure.”

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